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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Integrated automation
  • 03.07.002  Material handling
  •  Driers for bulk materials

Our products

Product category: Driers for bulk materials


New generation filterless receivers

PureFlo eliminates the need for ordinary maintenance of the vacuum receiver (filter cleaning) and improves the conveying capacity of the overall system.

The plastic granule moves through the conveying pipes carried by an airflow generated at negative pressure by a vacuum unit.

The velocity the plastic granule reaches during conveying varies between 15 metres/second at the pick-up point and 25 metres/second at the end of the line.

In a conventional solution the plastic granule enters the receiver at the end velocity, ie 25 metres/second, and stops by hitting on the inner walls of the receiver body.

The innovative and unique design of PureFlo allows the plastic granule not only to keep its end velocity all the way into the receiver body but, through a Right Angle bend, to dissipate the entire kinetic force it picked up during conveyance.

The granules fall into the receiver body, where they have a residual speed of 1 metre/second. It directs the flow to the base of the receiver where the air gradually lose pressure and velocity.

● Optimal material separation efficiency - typically better than 99.99%
● Abrasion resistant right-angle material inlet
● Lowest maintenance and operating costs due to lack of screen filter maintenance
● More efficient conveying - system pressure drop never changes
● No more plugged line and capacity problems due to plugged screen filters
● No compressed air blowback system required – provides cleaner plant environment

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Product category: Driers for bulk materials

PowerMax PD Pump

Quiet operation with full sound enclosure
The PowerMax Series Positive Displacement Pump delivers a quiet operation that surpasses minimum OSHA noise requirements. Compact, rugged construction that is durable and attractive features an open frame construction for easy access to all internal components.

Available in single or multi-pump configurations, address many conveying needs within one pump housing. The PowerMax-PD delivers the maximum vacuum level within the line size and the integral vacuum breaker valve ensures maximum performance for fast cycle loading.

● Compact design optimizes floor space
● Easy component access
● Vacuum breaker valve for fast cycle loading
● Available in 25HP
● Single or Multi-Pump configuration

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Product category: Driers for bulk materials


Energy efficient, dehumidifying dryer
Quick start, reliable performance and low maintenance; the VANTAGE series of dryers are designed to meet today’s most demanding drying specifications.

This dryer delivers steady process air flow, drying temperature and low dewpoint throughout the entire drying cycle. Housed in an attractive stainless steel enclosure, it looks as good as it operates. All critical components are easily accessible within a small enclosure footprint. Economy in both size and operation.

The dryers HMI is virtually intuitive for simple operator interface and control. Additional features include advanced data logging of key dryer functions as well as material saver function for economy of energy consumption.

Featuring the use of the VANTAGE valve and using the latest in control and monitoring technology, for applications needing up to 175 CFM airflow, the VANTAGE series of dryers will provide the best drying results.

● Dual desiccant bed, energy efficient low dewpoint dryer
● Mirrored two-tone stainless steel enclosure
● Easy access of all electrical components
● Large capacity cartridge filter
● FOCUS touch screen control with onboard datalogging
● Over-temperature protection
● 7-day clock
● Portable or press side
● Throughputs from 20-200PPH depending on resin type

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Product category: Driers for bulk materials


Adaptive multiple hopper central drying system
A modular assembly consisting of hopper, stand, heater, temperature control, airflow ducting and branch valving are used to build multi-hopper central drying systems. Designed to comprise a grouped system assembly with common dimensions for a minimal footprint, clean appearance and ease of accessibility.

Pre-plumbing of dehumidifier supply and return ducts with branch airflow connections provide ease of installation and fit.

Standard hopper branch valving is automatic, making multi-hopper dryer airflow balancing trouble-free, as well as providing full hopper shut-off when individual hoppers are offline for clean-out and set-up.

Manually-operated branch valving and a deletion of the trunk and branch valving is available to fit any drying application.

● Guaranteed drying performance
● Homogeneous thermal conditioning and lowest residual moisture levels
● Auto-adaptability without any input required by the operator
● Highly intuitive HMI graphics
● Broad range of configurations for all applications

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Product category: Driers for bulk materials

MDW batch gravimetric blenders

Highest process constancy and repeatability
The Una-Dyn gravimetric blenders, of the MDW line, are available in various configurations and can feed and weigh up to 8 granular materials, allowing to select the most appropriate hopper capacities and the auger devices. The blenders can be utilized with injection and blow molding machines, and extruders, covering production rates from 66 up to a maximum of 3960 PPH.

As operator interface, it is possible to select the simplified keypad or the more advanced version called Premium, complete with touch screen panel with bright 8.5” screen. A single screen summarizes all the main information on the blender’s functioning, including the comparison between the set and the real dosing percentages as well as the data of the instantaneous production of the unit. Once the percentages of the formulas have been set, the blender starts feeding immediately and reaches the stabilization of the dosed quantities after a few batches only.

The standard configuration includes the Ethernet port and the USB interface to permit the download and evaluation of data off line for useful elaboration, and the communication with other systems, such as the supervisory Piovan WinFactory software, a standardized platform which allows managing all the auxiliaries from remote stations.

● Maximum flexibility of usage: The unit can be supplied with 2 up to 8 modular feeding stations of various capacity (slide gate or auger). The stations can be added, in line with the production requirements.
● High dosing precision and repeatability at every single batch: The advanced control system guarantees an accuracy of ± 0.3%. seal batch weight.
● Perfect mixing of the components: The new mixer with hemispheric shape and the particular design of the mixer element thoroughly mix the entire mass of granules, without preferential flows nor material stagnation.
● Immediate dialogue unit-operator: Simple operator interface. The key parameters are displayed in a single screen.
● Especially suited for applications with machines with repeated vibrations: The fast scanning software and quick adjustment of the blender’s functioning contribute to the blender’s immunity from the vibrations of the processing machine.

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About us

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Una-Dyn is a US leading company in the design, manufacturing and installation of auxiliary products for the plastics processing industry. Through decades of innovation, expertise and product excellence, Una-Dyn has produced an extensive product line for material handling, drying, conveying, feeding, blending, size reduction and heat exchangers. Una-Dyn is a Piovan company since 2008.

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