Van Dam Machine Europe B.V.

P.O. Box 37162, 1030 AD Amsterdam
Computerweg 9, 1033 RH Amsterdam
Telephone +31 20 3116941
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.04  Machinery and plant for finishing, decorating, printing and marking
  • 03.04.001  Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Our products

Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

CQ 708 M

The High Quality - Quick Change Printer The CQ 708 M combines photographic quality printing with short changeover times. With the implementation of recently developed technologies and low tolerances, the CQ color heads are ready for the latest printing technology. Features like repeatable settings, magnetic plate cylinders, Automatic Roller Cleaning System (ARCS), pre-inking mode, etc. enable a quick product and design change. It goes without saying that the CQ meets all of today’s health, safety and environmental standards.

Designed for the latest printing technology.
Rigid, mechatronic color heads.
Photographic printing quality.
Quick changeover, easy set-up.
Operator friendly.
Production speed up to 650 cups per minute.
Eight color heads standard.

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Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

CE 508 M

The CE 508 M is an up to eight color professional printer that combines high quality print with functionality at a very attractive price. The printer is built on a modular concept. That means the machine is expandable with modules giving it many options to fit every individual requirement. It also makes the machine suitable for upgrading or conversion. The CE 508 M is an economical printer without compromising on quality and practicality.

Up to 8 colors.
Width range of products.
High printing quality.
Modular building concept.
Reliable and proven technology.
Operator friendly.

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Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

RM 208 T

The RM 208 T has a reliable product handling system and can print almost every product shape perfectly. Van Dam’s well proven dial technology ensures high quality images even around the corners of tubs. The easy accessibility and easily adjustable product handling modules allow quick changeover to new products and designs, which makes the RM 208 T also very suitable for short production runs.

Excellent handling any type of cups
Suitable for wide product range; up to 2 Kg tubs.
High quality printing by Van Dam dial technology
Individual control of cup during complete printing process.
Designed for easy set-up
Production speeds up to 200 cups/min
Easy access to cup handling areas and print areas.
Reliable mechanical take off system
Eight color heads standard.

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About us

Company details

Van Dam is the leading manufacturer of high end, dry offset printing machines for rigid plastic packaging. Through its active and innovative attitude Van Dam is a trailblazer; always introducing new techniques that yield profit to our customers.
Van Dam serves printers and the rigid plastic packaging industry, bringing innovations, new technologies and other capabilities to our customers.Van Dam introduced among others:Conical printing, delivering a printing quality comparable with other high end decoration technologies.Automatic Roller Cleaning System (ARCS), cleaning the color head rollers simultaneously while rollers are inside the machine.ARCS is significantly reducing the cleaning periods and the cleaning liquids.'First time right' magnetic plate cylinders and Mechatronic color heads.
Van Dam has offices in the Netherlands, China and the United States. In other countries Van Dam is represented by more than 50 agents.
Van Dam builds a very sustainable and reliable machine. Over the years more then 5000 printers where build and installed. Half of the installed base is still up and running, creating an average lifetime that lies considerably above 25 years. Van Dam machines are printing daily almost half a billion cups. In nearly every country of the world you can find a Van Dam printer.
Our customer database consists of a large variety of companies; from small starters on the plastic printing market up to companies with a billion plus output per month.

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