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Our products

Product category: Printing inks

BerlaPrint® screen and pad printing inks: Ultra-high resistance with ultra-thin coat thickness.

The product portfolio of the BerlaPrint® system line includes the latest screen and pad printing inks, compatible roller, spray and curtain coatings, marking inks and functional coatings for technical applications. These printing inks and special coatings from Berlac AG offer automotive-quality coating systems that provide outstanding levels of resistance and ultra-thin coat thickness for both interior and exterior applications.

The widest possible range of application technologies can be uniquely combined within the BerlaPrint® system line. Precisely targeted work goes into meeting the challenging demands this places on processability and compatibility and on the natural ultimate resistive qualities of the inks and lacquers. Depending on the task and project objective, our BerlaPrint® products are applied to parts, sheets or rolls, either singly or in combination using screen or pad printing and/or roller, spray or curtain coating
processes and are then physically and/or thermally cured. After drying, and depending on the application, subsequent processes may punch or shape sheets or rolls to the desired geometry; this requires the system to have a high level of permanent plasticity. Depending on the final application, components can subsequently be back-moulded with plastic.

The BerlaPrint® screen and pad printing ink systems can be used on a wide variety of metals and plastics, but also on primers and coatings. The method of application and the thin coating thickness compared with spray coating offer considerable potential for savings and make decoration and protective coating possible without loss of ink or lacquer. The very high pigmentation of the printing inks enables colour shades to be reproduced with total accuracy, frequently on coloured or dark substrates as well. The top-quality ingredients, selected in accordance with physiological, ecological and technical criteria, are targeted towards applications in the technical and industrial segments, where durability and high resistance levels are called for.

In addition to covering a wide range of applications in the automotive industry, these systems are also suitable for use in the medical sector thanks to their high quality and biocompatibility. In addition to their visual properties, the ink systems also offer mechanical and chemical resistance to cleaning agents and processing media in the household and consumer goods segments. Finally, all these products can be adjusted to include functional capabilities that provide tactile, abrasive, easy-to-clean or antibacterial functionality as required.

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Product category: Paints, coatings

Berlac Hydro waterborne coating systems: environmentally friendly from A to Z.

With the introduction of the top-quality trendsetting water-based Berlac® Hydro line for demanding applications on plastics, Berlac AG has enhanced its established portfolio of conventional products sustainably and sensibly, thus responding to the increasingly rigorous demands placed on modern lacquer coatings for industrial processing.

The water-borne Berlac® coating systems consisting of primers, base coats and clear coats demonstrates a level of quality with regard to film properties, appearance and resistance, which is fully equal to that of conventional solvent-based systems. It has been designed both for interior and exterior applications. Customers can choose between 1- and 2-component products, which - depending on the amount of wear entailed by the application - can be applied either as a multi-coat system or as a single-coat surface finish.

As non-stoving lacquers, with significantly lower VOC content and very good processability, Berlac® Hydro systems represent an impressive combination of cutting-edge technology, environmental conservation, work safety and economy.

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Product category: Paints, coatings

Berlac® Reflexion: Innovative chrome look from simple lacquer coating.

Berlac® Reflexion from the house of Berlac is a mirror smooth coating system of top automotive quality which stunningly imitates the appearance of chromed surfaces to a standard never before seen. The results produced industrially on conventional coating equipment look just like those obtained by galvanic plating or PVD coating.

Berlac® Reflexion has been approved by the automotive industry for both interior and exterior uses. The coating system is also ideal for all manner of decorative applications in other sectors where a top-quality chromed surface is required, but where conventional chromium plating or PVD metallisation are ineligible.

Berlac® Reflexion is the perfect choice for the automobile industry since it represents an alternative surface finish to galvanising and PVD coating which complies with REACH requirements, provides corrosion resistance for critical exterior components, is hardly affected by bottlenecks in contract production capacity and offers persuasive economic advantages, especially in respect of high-volume models.

Berlac® Reflexion is based on a 3-coat system, which starts with a specially-designed primer that provides excellent adhesion on a wide range of substrates. Specifically intended for use with this primer and the highly-resistant clear lacquer top coat, the very thinly applicable Reflexion base coat displays excellent covering properties and – provided the required spraying and drying parameters are strictly adhered to - creates brilliant effects together with outstanding adhesion between the base lacquer and the clear lacquer finish.

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Product category: Paints, coatings

Berlac® dual cure UV clear coat system: sustainable surface protection that conserves resources.

Cost optimization, eco-friendly processing, greater levels of resistance and impeccable appearance were the challenges confronting Berlac AG when it developed its dual cure UV clear coat system 082.907.--- for demanding plastics applications. The UV-curing 2-component clear coat system unites the advantages of rapid UV-curing with those of isocyanate crosslinking for shadow zones in complex 3D components and is hallmarked by its automotive-quality surface finish. With its significantly lower VOC content, the Berlac dual cure UV clear coat 082.907.--- system impressively combines technological progress, environmental protection, industrial safety and economy.

Provided substrates are pre-treated correctly as prescribed and relevant processing and application parameters are adhered to, the Berlac dual cure UV clear coat system 082.907.--- offers outstanding adhesion on standard plastics. The 2-component UV clear coat system is currently being evaluated for approval for automotive interior applications and can be used for decorative purposes wherever there is call for a durable and top-quality high gloss surface finish that will be subject to heavy use. Berlac UV Dual Cure clear coat 082.907.--- is available in three different gloss versions: high gloss (082.907.100), semi-glossy (082.907.200) and matt (082.907.300). For applications in combination with UV sensitive plastics, Berlac offers the versions 082.907.103/203/303.

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About us

Company details

The production of premium-grade special and effect coatings as well as printing inks for decorative and functional applications on plastic, chromium-plated and metallised substrates, carbon fibre composites, metal and glass has been our speciality since 1928.

Whether you are an industrial contract coater, a tier-one or tier-two supplier coating in-house or an OEM, you will find us your ideal development partner for innovative niche solutions that call for interdisciplinary knowhow and precise adjustment to the processes of all your supply-chain partners. We accompany your innovative surface projects in close collaboration every step of the way from initial concept to technical finetuning for series applications on site.

Our comprehensive expertise and experience in manufacturing a product portfolio that ranges from primers through printing inks enables us to supply ideally coordinated integrated solutions (thermal and UV-curing) in the realm of solvent-based and waterborne spray coating systems and industrial screen and pad printing inks. Our innovative solutions for demanding coating tasks – also available in very small batches and for small series production – cater primarily to the following sectors: automotive, spectacle frames, domestic appliances, hearing aids, children’s toys, medical technology, sanitary fittings, writing implements, sport, watchmaking and jewellery.

Headquartered in Sissach, just outside Basel in Switzerland, Berlac AG is one of the nine brands that comprise the Berlac Group, a globally-active group of medium-sized companies committed to the development and manufacture of top-flight solutions for finishing and protecting surfaces and for colouring plastics.

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Company data

Sales volume

5 - 20 Mill. US $

Export content

max. 75%

Number of employees

31 - 100



Area of business

Raw materials, auxiliaries

Target groups
  • Plastic product manufacturing
  • Vehicle construction / aerospace
  • Electronics / electro technology
  • Construction / building and living
  • Medical technology / precision engineering / optics
  • Sports / leisure
  • Other industries