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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.017  Compounds (Polymer blends)
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.059  Adhesives


Our products

Product category: Compounds (Polymer blends)


The product portfolio for industrial applications contains adhesive resins for pipe applications, cable jacketing and cladding panels. The materials are characterized by density and melt flow index, melting temperature and the level of functional groups.

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Product category: Compounds (Polymer blends)


The product portfolio for packaging applications contains adhesive resins for multiple multilayer concepts. The materials are characterized by density and melt flow index, melting temperature and the level of functional groups.

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Product category: Compounds (Polymer blends)


Food compliance and regulatory affairs
The chemical composition of Yparex meets:

The relevant requirements as laid down in Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004, Commission Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006 and Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 (as amended) on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food repealing Commission Directive 80/766/EEC, 81/432/EEC and 2002/72/EC.
The code of Federal Regulations, issued by FDA, paragraph 21 CFR 175.105 (Adhesives).

Please contact us for specific requests or questions regarding food compliance and other regulatory affairs like bovine spongiform encephalopathy-(BSE)-free declarations, absence declarations, declarations of origin, etc.

REACH compliance
Yparex complies with the requirements of Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 etc. etc.
Yparex B.V. fully supports the REACH legislation, its requirements and timetables. In 2008 the relevant substances were pre-registered successfully. Those substances that met the requirements of the 2010 deadline were registered accordingly. Yparex B.V. will continue its registration obligations for the next deadlines (in 2013 and 2018). Yparex B.V. secured its raw material supply by requiring REACH compliancy statements for all raw materials.

Yparex grades used for pipe applications are compliant with DVGW W 542. The ISO 2578 long-term temperature stability test, being part of this W542 requirement has been conducted for the following grades:

Yparex 8702 ES
Yparex 87102 ES
Yparex 8802 ES
Yparex 8403 S
Yparex 8603 S

Please contact us for a copy of the test certificate.

Drinking water approvals
Drinking water regulations are organised on the national level and therefore specific requests from certifying bodies must be dealt with on an individual basis. Yparex B.V. supports its customers in their requests to obtain drinking-water approvals at the various national institutes. Yparex passes the drinking water certification for all pipe grades in all major European countries.
Please contact us for specific requests concerning drinking water compliance.

Medical and Pharmaceutical packaging
Yparex B.V. will support its customers in acquiring an approval for their end application in medical and pharmaceutical packaging. Several Yparex grades are compliant with the definition given in Chapter 3.2 of the European Pharmacopoeia.

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Product category: Compounds (Polymer blends)


During processing, Yparex behaves like a standard polyolefin material. Therefore, it does not require any pre-drying step prior to processing as it is not moisture sensitive. Material should, however, be stored dry and away from direct sunlight to ensure storage stability.

Zone temperatures from a cooled feed entrance may reach up to 200-220 °C, using a relatively flat processing profile in the case of pipe or blown-film extrusion. For cast film and extrusion coatings, the temperatures of the melt will be higher accordingly and may reach 240-290°C.

There is no need to run purge compounds during production stops as the Yparex material is adequately thermal stabilised. At the end of the production run, customers may wish to clean out any remaining Yparex with a standard LLDPE (MFI=1 dg/min).

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About us

Company details

Yparex B.V. is a leading supplier of extrudable tie-layer resins for a variety of high-tech applications, including multilayer barrier packaging film, medical film, multilayer pipe, architectural wall cladding, and wire & cable. Combining outstanding technical support, fast response times, innovative approaches to resin chemistry, and co-development opportunities, the company is an ideal partner for those seeking more efficient methods to bond dissimilar materials together across large surfaces. For more information, see www.yparex.com.

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