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Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.14  Others
  • 01.14.003  Printing inks

Printing inks

  • 02  Semi-finished products,parts and reinforced plastics
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  • 02  Semi-finished products,parts and reinforced plastics
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  • 02.05.013  Printing blankets

Printing blankets

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.04  Machinery and plant for finishing, decorating, printing and marking
  • 03.04.001  Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Our products

Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Kase Pail Printers

Kase Equipment has designed the world's leading pail printers for plastics. Our custom designed dry-offset machinery can be built for round, oval, square, or rectangular pails and is available in 4, 6, and 8 color designs. Kase dry-offset printers can produce speeds up to 30 pails per minute! The output of your machine is dependent on the size and shape of your container. The K-402 (4 color pail printer), K-6000 (6 color pail printer), and K-8000 (8 color pail printer) reproduce line, halftone, or full color process printing at the highest production rates. Each machine is built for fast setup and quick, easy change overs. Some of the standard features that keep downtime to a minimum include: simple knob adjustments for feeder diameter, restacker diameter, and container height; no container, no print; ample access to plate cylinders and blanket cylinder; production rate monitor; and self-diagnostic alpha numeric display for automatic trouble shooting.

All printers have CNC capabilities. This user friendly, electronic motion control system is interfaced with the main PLC allowing the plate cylinder, ink, and print tower adjustments to be controlled via touch screen. Once a job is set up and running, a job number/name is recorded. To rerun the job, recall the assigned job number/name, and the printer will adjust to the job specifications desired. Adding the CNC feature to your machine will keep downtime to a minimum.

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Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Kase Heat Transfer KHTPL

The KHTPL, one of our newest machines is an alternative way to label pails quickly and efficiently. With its extreme flexibility it can print on 1-7 gallon pails with speeds up to 16 pails/minute. KHTPL design minimizes machine size and can label full 360 degrees. For more information visit our website linked below

Easy product change over
360 degree capability
Pre flame/ orient station
Operator friendly

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Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Kase Sidewall Printers

The Kase Equipment sidewall printers were designed to print plastic cups, tubes, and small containers. Some examples include plastic stadium cups, yogurt containers, tupperware, coffee cups, caulking tubes, and small containers/buckets that hold materials/food such as spackle or ice cream. We can print any size and shape: round, square, or rectangular. Our sales team can assist you with determining the best printer for your design(s) and product(s).

Each machine has been designed for easy access to the plate and blanket cylinder(s). Material handling, tooling components, and the color head system were all created to provide customers the fastest way to change container sizes. In addition, each color head swings away from the plate cylinder and all rolls are easily removable for rapid clean up. All of these standard features were constructed for maximum uptime.

Kase's line of dry-offset sidewall printers includes: the KHSP-5 (five color printer), KHSP-6, KHSP-624, K-200, K-608 (all 6 color printers), and K-908 (nine color printer). All Kase sidewall printers are equipped with variable speed ink fountain controls to regulate dab time. Additional features include: no container, no print; ejection after the UV station to check print quality; and retractable plate cylinders. You will find that our printers produce color quality, sharpness, and speed that far surpass the competition.

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Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Kase Lid Printers

Kase Equipment's Lid Printing line prints round, square, oval, and/or rectangular lids. Our customers have the capability of printing flat, domed, or recessed lids up to 15 inches in diameter (380mm)! The variety of Kase models allow you to decorate at speeds up to 1,000 lids per minute while maintaining the highest quality print.

The KLP-4 (4 color lid printer), KLP-4W (4 color lid printer with wide table), KLP-6 (6 color lid printer), and KLP-8 (8 color lid printer) print line, half-tone, and full process prints in one single pass. From feeding through restacking, Kase lid printers can be manufactured as semi-automatic or fully-automatic.

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Product category: Printing equipment for plastic and rubber products

Kase Cap Printers

Kase Equipment offers a variety of closure printers: the KCP-2 (2 color cap printer), KCP-4 (4 color cap printer), KRCP-4 (4 color rotary cap printer), and the KICP (Kase Inside Cap Printer). Kase cap printers are capable of decorating multiple size caps continuously while maintaining production rates up to 4,000 parts per minute! Our sales team can assist you with determining the best printer for your production rate goals and product.

The K-2 and K-4 cap printers are chain driven linear machines and allow you to print up to 2 colors and 4 colors respectively. These machines and all other cap printers maintain positive control of the closure through feeding, pre-treatment, printing, UV curing, and box filling.

 The Kase Rotary Cap Printer (KRCP-4) is a best seller! This 4 color printer is designed without chains, which will prevent stretching while it maintains concentricity of the decoration on the closure. Additionally, the KRCP-4 is equipped with a running register, allowing the operator to easily make adjustments while the printer is stopped or running.

The Kase Inside Cap Printer (KICP) is for printing the inside of beverage caps and other small closures with logos, slogans, color art, or promotional information. This printer reproduces color art and fine lettering at speeds up to 4,000 pieces per minute! The KICP can be equipped with up to 3 colors; and can be placed in line with a top printer or can be in a stand-alone system.

An Automatic Packaging System is an available option for all Kase closure printers. The feed system has a high capacity hopper with a conveyor that feeds caps to the printer so that they are properly oriented for printing. After printing and curing (the UV curing system is built on the printer), another conveyor routes the printed closures to an inspection system and/or hopper where they are counted as they are dispensed into boxes. When the maximum count for a box is reached, a box shifter keyed to the counter moves a new box into position under the dispenser.

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About us

Company details

Founded in 1964, Kase Equipment is dedicated to meeting your plastic container printing needs. We design equipment that will produce a high quality, attractive package with machines that are fast, versatile and efficient. We design and build the world's most complete line of dry offset printers for plastic cups, pails, tubes, lids and closures. First and foremost, our printers are built to deliver the highest quality decoration available anywhere in the world. These are rigid, heavy duty machines with state-of-the-art features for quick set-up and high speed production. We provide the options you need for in-feeding systems, pre-treatment, curing, restacking, packing and fast change overs. Once your printer is built, Kase Equipment conducts a full trial run using your products ... with your personnel in attendance to verify the results. After installation, we send qualified service technicians to start up the equipment and train your operators. The most effective combination of printer and accessories for your application can only be determined by engineering analysis of your specific printing requirements. Based on our experience of many field installations, we welcome the opportunity to make an analysis and forward our recommendation to you.  Please come to our booth, we will be demonstrating our new Thermal Transfer Pail Labeler. The Kase Equipment Thermal Transfer Decorating Machine applies labels via heat transfer on 1-7 gallon (3.4-25 liter) pails. It can accommodate different bucket diameters, tapers and height. Change jobs in minutes, not hours.

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