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Product category: Extrusion dies

7. moebius-manifold™ Die

Cloeren’s newest innovation in die design, the patented moebius-manifold™ Die, provides a revolutionary solution that reduces residence time and clamshell deflection while increasing the processing window.

The moebius-manifold™ Die incorporates a varying manifold transition angle that provides a diminishing cross-sectional area manifold while maintaining Cloeren’s trademark straight-backline manifold design. The varying lead angle further enhances streamlining at the manifold ends where the flow rates are the lowest. This provides the latest enhancement for heat-sensitive and residence-time-sensitive polymers, such as PVC and fluoropolymers.

Uniquely, the moebius-manifold™ is suitable for Cloeren’s full cavity IDS™ Internal Deckle System.

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Product category: Extrusion dies

5. Epoch™ IV - Multi-Manifold Die

Cloeren provides a wide range of multi-manifold dies. These unique dies have a designated manifold for each melt stream, enabling polymers to spread across the flow channel width independently. Each manifold can be tailored to a specific polymer. Multi-manifold dies are typically required to process coextruded structures where individual polymer layers have large viscoelastic differences. Cloeren’s industry leading multi-manifold dies include:

Epoch™ IV Multi-Manifold Die
The Epoch™ IV Multi-Manifold Die features all the attributes of the Epoch™, and/or moebius manifold families and is the preferred die for applications demanding the ability to combine materials with widely dissimilar viscoelastic melt characteristics. Another valuable feature of the Epoch™ IV Multi-Manifold Die is the ability to control the width of individual layers, with individual internal deckles, or Naked Edge™ restriction for oriented film applications. The Epoch™ IV is available from 2 to 5 layers and can also be combined with a Cloeren feedblock to increase the number of layers.

Multi-Manifold Sheet Dies
Multi-Manifold Dies can be supplied with a restrictor bar for each extrusion layer to accommodate major shifts in polymer viscosity from product to product.

Vane Dies
The patented Vane Die™, originally developed by Cloeren in 1978, is most often used in laboratory applications or pilot development programs to provide maximum versatility for product development.

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Product category: Extrusion dies

4. Epoch™ III & Epoch™ V Extrusion Die

The Cloeren Epoch™ Die Series features unique manifold geometries and a patented two-stage preland. This exclusive combination, together with custom engineering, provides unparalleled mass flow distribution across the die width, which increases process yield and quality of the finished product. The patented Epoch™ Die was the first commercially established extrusion die that addressed non-uniform die clamshelling.

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Product category: Extrusion dies

6. EBR™ Extrusion Coating Die

Cloeren’s patented EBR™ (Edge Bead Reduction) is an internally deckled die consisting of independently adjustable components for reduction of edge-bead and over-coat in the extrusion coating and lamination industries.

Consistent with its innovative history, Cloeren was the first to produce these features in a hinged lip die, and to commercialize full cavity adjustable internal deckles.

Adjustable components
The EBR™ Die, used in extrusion coating and laminating applications, consists of three independently adjustable components: a patented full-length solid deckle plug, a solid deckle blade, and a profiled deckle rod. This system affords the processor the ability to reduce or eliminate the extruded edge bead and edge trim in extrusion coating and laminating processes. It also allows operators to change the width of the coating on line.

Technology that pays for itself
The EBR™ system will pay for itself in a matter of months in material savings alone, not to mention the noticeable increase in productivity.

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Product category: Extrusion dies

8. Encapsulation Systems (EDS™)

Encapsulating Deckle System (EDS™) – This patented product features the same benefits as the IDS™, while also providing the ability to produce film and sheet with encapsulated edge portions. This allows for the elimination of expensive material in the edge trim. Since encapsulated edge trim is made up of a single polymer, it is more suitable for recycling. EDS™ can also be employed to stabilize film edges and reduce the amount of neck-in in some processes, resulting in the production of more usable film.

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Product category: Extrusion dies

2. VG™ Feedblocks

The mainstay of feedblocks is the versatile Variable Geometry (VG™) Feedblock.

Movable vane
Cloeren’s legacy movable vane design provides for simple, external adjustment of the shear stress. This feature allows the user to compensate for changes in the layer structure to maintain optimum process flow characteristics.

Distribution pins
This Cloeren innovation provides externally adjustable means for tuning individual layer uniformity when needed, by allowing profiling of a selected flow stream at the point of flow convergence of polymer layers with different viscoelastic characteristics. This feature fine tunes individual layer uniformity for optimum product quality, and enhances product development and process quality.

Reliability and maximum flexibility with on-line process adjustability
The Cloeren VG™ Feedblock is available from two layers up to thirteen or more layers. The VG™ Feedblock allows customers to make adjustments to the flow geometry, and to fine-tune shear stress and layer uniformity on line – saving on downtime and reducing the customer’s total cost of ownership.

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Product category: Extrusion dies

1. FG™ Feedblocks

We designed the Cloeren Fixed Geometry (FG™) Feedblock for ease of use with basic formulas and applications.

Easily removable inserts
The FG™ Feedblock has fixed geometry flow inserts that can easily be removed. It also features one of Cloeren’s industry standards, the Selector Plug™ cartridge, which facilitates changes to layer sequencing.

Customized feedblock design
Cloeren works with you to determine exactly what materials and layer formulations will be processed before designing and building your feedblock. Cloeren FG™ Feedblocks are available from two to an infinite number of layer configurations.

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Product category: Extrusion dies

3. NanoLayer™ Feedblocks

Developed in 2002, Cloeren’s NanoLayer™ Feedblock is a breakthrough for extrusion in the industrial and consumer packaging industries. This innovative process enables customers to develop film applications with a high number of layers. The NanoLayer™ Feedblock is used to enhance barrier performance, mechanical properties and/or optical properties.

Multiple applications
These systems are used in applications such as: High Flex Barrier Film, Optical Film, Stretch Film and High Barrier Food Packing Film.

Award winning designs
This patented technology was awarded the Gold DuPont Sustainability Award in 2011.

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About us

Company details

Cloeren Incorporated – A Heritage of Performance™

Cloeren has been a world leader in developing machinery for plastics processing since 1975. Our name has become synonymous with innovation and high performance thanks to the superior technology, quality, value, efficiency, and organization that we offer. We engineer and manufacture customized coextrusion feedblocks, single and multi-manifold extrusion dies, and related accessories – all with unparalleled quality – in the U.S.A.

Customized solutions to meet increasing demands

Each of our systems is custom-designed and tailored to meet your unique requirements and needs. Cloeren’s engineering excellence means higher process yield and quality.

Leaders in innovation

Since the introduction of our first patented Cloeren Feedblock, this family-owned business has led the way in the advancement of flat die extrusion technologies – from conventional mono-layer to sophisticated multi-layer polymer applications. Cloeren Incorporated has brought many innovations to the field of flat-die extrusion, which have subsequently become the industry standard that competitors strive to attain.

Cloeren provides maximum return on investment

We also provide services such as refurbishing that help customers maximize the return on their investments. At Cloeren, we build better products that help our customers optimize production and maximize profits.


Cloeren is a competitor of Nordson EDI, EMO, EDS, and JCTIMES.

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