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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.081  Nucleating agents

Our products

Product category: Nucleating agents


NA-98 is a sorbitol base clarifier for polypropylene.

White powder, insoluble in water or solvents such as methanol, ethanol, acetone, toluene and cyclohexane.

NA-98 can obviously improve the clarity, gloss, HDT, flexural modulus and tensile strength of PP film, sheet and injection products, improves a wide range of application,including beverage packing,food packaging,household cleaners,etc.

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Product category: Nucleating agents


NAB-82 is an organometallic salt β-type nucleator. Compared to α-type nucleator, it provides better impact strength and higher HDT for polypropylene. Besides, it performs excellent thermal stability, dispersion, property of non-coloring and processing stability.

White crystalline, insoluble in water.

NAB-82 significantly improves impact strength and HDT of PP product, is suitable for household appliances, PPR pipe, automobile bumper, accumulator tank, etc. It increases porosity of PP material, suitable for battery, micropore PP fiber, ventilated packaging membrane, lithium battery diaphragm, R-PP capacitance coarsening film, etc. It improves the coloring performance of PP fiber.

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Product category: Nucleating agents


NDO is free-flowing granular type additive mixture produced by compaction technology according to specific recipe. NDO can consist of antioxidants, light stabilizers, nucleating agents, lubricants and any other additives. NDO is 100% of additives without any carrier resin or intermediate.

Free-flow granule of additive package.

NDO is free of dust and convenient for feeding, transporting. Its advantages for end-users are as follow:
Free flowing for feeding
Less dust pollution
High abrasion-resistance ability

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Product category: Nucleating agents

GCH Products

GCH's main products include Nucleator, Synthetic hydrotalcite and NDO (Non-dust one-pack). These are all high-tech and environmental-friendly products with high additional value, and they are popularly used in petrochemicals and plastic processing factories in both China and abroad. The nucleator series is used for nucleating modification of plastic products to provide the final products better transparency, gloss, rigidity and tensile-strengh. The synthetic hydrotalcite include two series, one as acid absorber for polyolefin and the other as PVC stabilizer.

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About us

Company details

GCH was established in 2002 and started to develop the core products technologies since 1995. GCH develops, manufactures and markets technologically advanced and high value added products, including nucleator, synthetic hydrotalcite, non-dust one-pack, master batch, flame retardant synergist, anti-oxidant, light stabilizer, etc. GCH is headquartered in CBD of Guangzhou China with branches and offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Boasting several proprietary intellectual property rights and technologies, GCH have always been focusing on future sustainable development, promoting Chinese fine chemicals to the global market and leading an eco-friendly trend in the chemical industry.

GCH attaches high importance to R&D investment. The company is fully equipped with advanced instruments and has established an efficient and strict production-management system to ensure superiority of product.

GCH remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence in Safety, Security, Health and Environmental (SSH&E) performance and is certified by major world food certification groups including: GB9685-2008 (China), FDA (U.S.) and JHOSPA (Japan). As the first Chinese US FDA-certified Corporation, GCH ranks first in the number of certified products nationwide. Related products have been widely applied to the food packaging, leveling up the food safety and improving people's life quality.

GCH is focused on delivering differentiated, performance-based technologies that deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers. Through science and innovation GCH enable customers to meet the current and future needs of society. ¡°GCH is more than your imagination!

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