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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.06  Moulds and dies
  • 03.06.003  Extrusion dies

Our products

Product category: Extrusion dies

1. Extrusion Dies

EMO manufactures the following types of extrusion dies:




• MULTI-LAYER DIES (up to 7 layers)


• Die body made of plastic-moulded steel, material no. 1.2311 (with a very high degree of purity), hardened and tempered to 980 – 1100 N/mm2

• Chromium-plated plastic sliding surfaces (20􀂬microns, 1000 Vickers), polished to Ra<0,1, Ra<0,05 on the lip edge,


• PVD plastic surfaces with chromium nitride coating (CrN, 5-7microns), hardness approx. 2000 Vickers

• For chemically aggressive plastic we offer die bodies made of chromium steel, material no. 1.2316, hardened and tempered to 980-1100N/mm2, or

• Die bodies in a bi-metallic design or Die bodies made completely of C276

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Product category: Extrusion dies

Screen Belt Filters

The continuous melt filtration system (KSF) of EMO is installed to remove dirt from the melted plastic mass between the extruder and tool unit.

Depending on the degree of soiling the required material supply to the sieve is achieved by heating of the heating element in the feeding part in longer or shorter intervals.

Functional principle

At the supply and discharge side of the sieve the filtration chamber is sealed with solidified melted material.

Different crosssections at the supply and discharge side of the sieve cause a feeding force in the direction of the discharge side of the sieve.

Per one sieving cycle the sieve is moved by approx. 5-10 mm. The length of the intervals between the sieve feeding cycles should be set with the use of the timer depending on particular requirements.

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Product category: Extrusion dies

Transverse Separating Device

EMO has developed a transverse separating device for chip-free separation of any plastic type plates.

Plate thickness 0.8 to 12 mm
Three sizes available: 1400, 1900 and 2300mm cutting thickness
Synchronisation of infeed speed of the extrusion line up to 10m/min possible
No use of saws
Special combination of cutting tools offset in stages
No chips are separated, no extraction system required
Perfectly stackable because no chips adhere to the surface and no surface defects result
Universally combinable with stacking devices
Great price-performance ratio

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Product category: Extrusion dies

Thermoflex Automatic

The automatic EMO Thermoflex lip adjustment system is based upon the proven principle of thermal expansion. Each automatic bolt contains a heater.

Through this system the flexlip can be adjusted much more equal and much finer adjustments than by manual operation are possible. A manual adjustment however is possible at any time.

A special feature of the EMO Thermoflex system is the total thermal insulation to the die body and elimination of any die body temperature influences.

The highlights:

Long adjustment stroke (+/- 300 micron), longer adjustment strokes possible

Extreme fast reaction time

Tight bolt spacings possible

Total thermal insulation towards die body

Manual interference possible at any time

Easy layout

Retrofit on specific die types possible

Push/pull or push only

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Product category: Extrusion dies

Co-ex Adaptors

We offer solutions for all coextrusion applications. Multi-channel dies and coextrusion adaptors are used where coextrusion is necessary or where they represent the most economic solution.

The coex adaptors of EMO are produced of corrosion-resistant plastic moulded steel, material no.: 1.2316, hardened and tempered to 980-1100 N/mm2

We offer two types of coex adaptors for polyolefine and PVC:

1. Coextrusion-adaptors with a fixed layer distribution:

The distribution of individual layers of composite film to the connected extruder is fixed. The main extruder is associated with the central layer - the coextruder(s) is (are) associated with the outer layers.The melt channels to the outer layers can be blocked (in case of thermally stable materials), which allows selectable production of different layer distribution.

The flow speed and the profile of external melt streams can be controlled with adjustment elements. Thanks to this you can even process melts with slightly different viscosity with one coextrusion-adaptor.

2. Coextrusion-adaptor with variable layer distribution:
The replaceable layer distribution layer inserts assigns individual layers to the extruders. The conical design of the layer inserts ensures a quick assembly and disassembly.

You can change the layer combination without disassembling the adapter.

We offer a coex-adaptor with a feed block for 3 layers and 2 extruders for the handling of PVC.

The adaptor has many advantages:

Large radiuses: The radiuses designed optimally with regard to the flow guarantee perfect flow characteristics

Easy operation: The simple design permits quick cleaning of the EMO coextrusion adaptor

Easy reconditioning of the flow channels in the layer distribution sleeve allows you to adjust the layer distribution

Suitable for connection to 2 extruders made of corrosion-resistant plastic mould steel, material number: 1.2316, ardened and tempered to 980-1100 N/mm

The EMO coextrusion-adaptor is suitable for both round and rectangular die inlets.

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About us

Company details

EMO Extrusion Molding Ges.m.b.H., located in Micheldorf, Austria, focuses on the design, engineering and manufacturing of high quality single extrusion dies, multi-manifold extrusion dies and coextrusion feedblocks. EMO has been an integral part of the HAIDLMAIR GROUP, a group of mould and machinery makers currently comprised of 6 companies in 4 countries.

Since 1996 EMO has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers in the extrusion field for flat extrusion dies and feedblock systems in the industry.

EMO continues to make investments in specialty 3-D rheology simulation softwares, and the latest CNC manufacturing capabilities (up to 8 meters). Our skilled and experienced work force guarantees our customers highest quality and state of the art products to meet their highest demands.

Our product range includes mono and multi layer flat extrusion dies (up to 7 layers), coextrusion feedblocks, screen changers, cross-cutting and calibration devices as well as complete lines to produce PVC integral foam sheet.

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