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Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.04  Machinery and plant for finishing, decorating, printing and marking
  • 03.04.008  Equipment for In-Mould Decoration (IMD)

Equipment for In-Mould Decoration (IMD)

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Measuring and test equipment
  • 03.09.006  Measuring and test equipment for electrical properties

Measuring and test equipment for electrical properties

Our products

Product category: Electrostatic systems


Under the slogan “All in one”, Eltex has once again set new benchmarks for 24 V discharge technology. Components such as power supply, output stages and module technology are integrated in the electrode profile of the new Smart Discharging System SDS.

This system's communication with machines or operation via mobile end devices is particularly smart.The Smart Discharging System SDS now comes equipped for the first time with the new Connected Control system for intelligent monitoring control.

The Smart Discharging System SDS is ideal for discharging in the middle distance and speed range for applications in automation technology and in the plastics and packaging industry.

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Product category: Electrostatic systems

Eltex R60 - new AC discharge technology

The new and patented AC discharging bar with freestanding spring tip.
The significantly improved part of passive discharging efficiency of this freestanding spring tip allows active operation also with lower AC-high voltage.

Excellent discharging results in the short range and optimum long range effect at lowest operating voltage allows an efficient use also in limited grounded machine environement.

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Product category: Electrostatic systems

Eltex long range discharging system IONSTAR RX3

In all situations where great or changing distances have to be bridged and very high electrostatic charges have to be dissipated, the IONSTAR RX3 discharging bar shows its strength.

The RX3 IONSTAR optimizes your production process - whether its winding or unwinding film webs, in the reel slitter, for bag machines, or many other demanding applications.

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Product category: Electrostatic systems

Eltex ESA printing assist systems GNH61, GNN75, GNN75S EASYCHARGE

For over thirty years, ESA printing assist systems have set leading quality standards in gravure printing. This not only means an end to missing dots, it is also much easier to operate the entire system.

The ESA GNH61 Top Loading system guarantee an optimum ink transfer to flexible materials. The result: a perfect quality in packaging and decorative gravure printing.

The ESA GNN75 Core-Charging System has been enhanced by adding a new technical feature: fully automatic adjustment of the optimum output value for missing dot free printing. The charge in the printing nip necessary for emptying the cells is generated directly via the core of the impression roller. This reduces maintenance to a minimum.

The newest and world's safest printing assist system ESA GNN75S EASYCHARGE guarantees perfect results in gravure printing. It works without charging bars or insulated bearings. The system is approved for explosion hazard group IIB in packaging gravure printing. It guarantees optimal ink transfer and excellent printing results with unlimited impression roller widths. The system is ideal for installation or retrofitting existing presses.

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Product category: Electrostatic systems

Eltex discharging system Static Combi Cleaner SCC

Most plastic and synthetic materials in use today have a very strong tendency to create static surface charges, with the effect that the surfaces have a similarly powerful tendency to attract air-borne particles. This can result in major problems and loss of quality during certain processes. Eliminating dust and dirt settling on three-dimensional and structured surfaces with conventional methods is notoriously difficult.

The dynamic ionizing blower station Static Combi Cleaner SCC has been specially developed for applications such as these.

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Product category: Electrostatic systems

Eltex discharging system BASIX

With its compact dimensions, BASIX is the perfect choice for many different applications in the plastics, printing, packaging and textile industry as well as in the optical industry. And thanks to its competitive price, it also goes easy on the budget.

The power supply:
Eltex BASIX ES47

The discharging bar:
Eltex BASIX R47

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Product category: Electrostatic systems

Eltex power supply COMPACT POWER ES24

Small and compact in size – Compact Power ES24 - is the name of the miniature 24 V power supply. This 24V discharge unit stands out against conventional transformer solutions both in its small dimensions and low weight. Independent from international variations in line voltages, Compact Power ES24 delivers ultimate flexibility in use. CANopen enables easy external control.

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Product category: Electrostatic systems

Eltex discharging systems for many applications

The Eltex discharging systems are used  in many fields of the plastics industry: for covering, laminating, coating and in the deep-draw process. Controlled discharging in automatic injection moulding machines, for streamling melamine coating, for i onizing and cleaning workpiece carriers before populating or for removing dirt and dust from threedimensional plastic components before varnishing them - the Eltex discharging bars R50/R51, the power supplies series ES51 and the ion blower pistols and nozzles R55, PR55, R36, PR36, EXR36 are highly efficient systems for improving processing of plastics and for cleaning surfaces.

Perfect results, optimized production speeds and minimized costs. These are the convincing results that you can expect from innovative Eltex discharging systems.

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Product category: Electrostatic systems

Eltex charging systems for many applications

The Eltex charging technology for smooth processes and maximum productivity in a wide variety of industrial and laboratory applications in the plastics industry. 

Used in film production, the Eltex charging systems care for a dot-accurate, limited-time or continuous electrostatic fixing of films during processing, secure powder tacking on foil surfaces, exact core windings, without "neck-in"  and without telescoping at the winder. to mention only some of the options.

The Eltex charging bars R130 and the point charging bar R23ATR are used primarily in applications in which production processes are faster and smoother when the materials used, such as films and paper, adhere to each other.

With the KNH35/KNH65 high voltage generators, Eltex offers universally usable, heavy-duty power supply units for DC-powered Eltex charging bars.

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Product category: Electrostatic systems

Eltex discharging on film webs

The use of discharging bars R50/R51 successfully eliminates electrostatic charges on film webs.

Eltex products for this application:
- R50/R51 discharging bars
- ES51 power supplies

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Product category: Equipment for In-Mould Decoration (IMD)

Eltex products for in-mould labelling

As before, the label is placed in the mould with vacuum. To keep it there, the energy-consuming second vacuum air system is replaced by an ergy-saving charging system, resulting in more cost-effective labelling.

Eltex devices for this application:
- KNH35 high voltage generator
- R130A charing bars
- R23ATR point charging bars

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Product category: Measuring and test equipment for electrical properties

Eltex measuring device EM03

Eltex’s measuring engineering stands out due to ultimate accuracy and a wide variety of possible applications. 

Handy and convenient appliance for measuring static charges, measuring distance selectable between 2 and 20 cm. Automatic conversion and display of field strength in Volt. Measuring range between 0 kV and 200 kV.

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Product category: Electrostatic systems, Measuring and test equipment for electrical properties


The new Static Multi Monitoring EM200 measuring system measures and records the surface potential during operation. Up to three sensors can be positioned at any point above the web. Data is recorded on standard compact flash cards which guarantee the trouble-free analysis on the PC.

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Eltex Elektrostatik GmbH, Weil am Rhein, Germany

For more than 60 years, Eltex has been focusing on specifically targeting the use of electrostatic energy to optimize production processes and removing it where it has unwanted consequences.

In demand throughout the world, Eltex delivers best possible solutions for highly specific requirements in many industries. Above all in the plastics industry with the focus on converting and laminating, and in the production worlds of printing and finishing.

Electrostatic systems from Eltex enable higher production speeds, more efficient work, significantly increased quality, reduced energy consumption, fewer faults and minimized downtimes and waste.

A global presence is provided by an international sales network of 50 agents.

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Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries

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  • Plastic product manufacturing
  • Chemical industry
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