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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.06  Moulds and dies
  • 03.06.005  Hotrunner systems
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Integrated automation
  • 03.07.001  Process control technique
  •  Control equipment
  •  Closed loop control equipment for temperature

Closed loop control equipment for temperature

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.10  Parts and components
  • 03.10.004  Nozzles
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.10  Parts and components
  • 03.10.005  Heating elements

Heating elements

Our products

Product category: Closed loop control equipment for temperature


Benefits for you injection molding process: profiTEMP+
Better control performance, higher parts quality, min. space requirements,…
We have gone one step further with the new development of the profiTemp:

Less space requirements  than the profiTEMP
The new profiTEMP+ requires such a small footprint that is hard to beat, thanks to  the compact design. Even smaller does not make much sense, otherwise the plugs would not have enough space on the back wall. The slimline housing means that the profiTEMP+ can be conveniently set up for any injection molding machine.

More inside than the profiTEMP
Extended range of functions in comparison with the profiTEMP. profiTEMP+ offers innovative functions such as Smart Power Limitation (SPL) and the further development of well-known functions, contributing towards process security.

Convenient touch screen operation
It could not be simpler: You operate the controller using the multi-touch screen in the same way as a Smartphone or tablet.

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Product category: Nozzles


VCON: Start signal via sensor and control for needle opening time

VCON supplements the previous cascade control, varioFILL, whereby the opening speed of needles was controlled via pressure limitation valves. The
new VCON offers the electronic solution and 2 advantages as well:

1. Variable opening speed of needles for better process control. The needles open slowly first for the first part of travel, for example, and then fast for the rest.

2. Sensor in the nozzle tip

 The incoming hot melt is identified by the sensor and it passes on the signal to open the nozzles.

With cascade control, PSG offers various combinable solutions options for perfect results at the lowest possible costs. The new pipeLine can also be equipped with cascade control via VCON.

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Product category: Nozzles

Reflector nozzles

The new reflector nozzles for narrowest cut outs
Problem: The component requires a large nozzle but the space conditions in the tool are so tight that the nozzle tip does not fit through.
Solution: PSG puts a small, space-saving nozzle with a smaller dia-meter on the large nozzle. The melt can be correctly tempered and transported through the narrow cut out thanks to this innovative combination.

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Product category: Heating elements

Hard-soldered manifold

More favorable rheology melt channel
Because you cannot drill a melt channel around a corner, we separate the new distributor according to length and mill out the melt channel halfway.
The 2 halves are then hard soldered together. The result: A melt channel with perfect rounding. Dead corners are a thing of the past.

For the highest medical requirements
The melt channel is as smooth as silk, without edges and is guaranteed to be free of processing particles that could come away and enter the bloodstream.

Best colour change qualities
Colour particles do not find a place to settle in the melt channel. This means that fewer shots are required for changeover in case of colour change than conventional distributors.

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Product category: Nozzles

New Nozzles: smartFILL and Fox 70

The new nozzle smartFILL was thoroughly new developed in the Hot Runner sector. The melt channel geometry and innovative heating technology enable you to process almost all types of plastic. Even engineering plastics with extremely high processing temperature can be processed with the new smartFILL.

Fox is the new generation of Fuchslocher injection nozzles. PSG extended its product range and offers injection nozzles with threads a diameter from 30 to 70 mm. The Fox-series can be used when buying a new or retrofitting an injection molding machine.

The Fox 70 has been completely redesigned and is the largest injection nozzle of the Fox-series. The Fox 70 is designed for injection units with a thread up to a diameter of 70 mm.

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Product category: Hotrunner systems

Revolutionary Pipe Concept for Hot Runner Systems

The new patented solution from PSG for Hot Runner Systems from four operating units is called pipeLine.

In conventional systems each operating unit must be connected with four pipes, two for hydraulic and two for cooling. This makes at a 8drop systems already 32 pipes!

The new pipeLine from PSG connects the operating units only with two pipes. A pressure line and a return line.

The new pipeLine offers significant technical and economic advantages: Reduction of the number of pipes, increase of stability of the mold plate, switch of the pin without delay, saving of water cooling.

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About us

Company details

About PSG

Since more than 50 years the PSG Plastic Service GmbH is a synonym for innovative technology in plastics processing. The main focuses are Hot Runner Systems and Controllers.

The Hot Runner program is established universally and covers nearly all injection moulding applications, especially for the sectors transport, automotive, caps and closures, electro-techniques and medicine.

The Controller technology offers a wide program for Hot Runner Control and furthermore solutions for extrusion and chemical plants.

Besides these products out of own development and production PSG sells also heaters, thermocouples like sensors, air heaters from Osram Sylvania and accessories for tempering units and chillers.

PSG Plastic Service GmbH, Mannheim/Viernheim:

Design, Production, Marketing, Sales,Service

PSG Plastic Service GmbH, Seckach:

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