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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.02  Machinery and plant for processing
  • 03.02.001  Extruders and extrusion lines
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  •  Twin screw extruders

Our products

Product category: Twin screw extruders

Under Water Pelletizer

As the best solution, under water pelletizing system has a overwhelming advantage compare to strand, water ring,die face air cooling pelletizing system.

COWIN EXTRUSION has the original R&D team of under water pelletizing system in China. We focus on the latest technology innovation which helps our UW series to be high quality and more competitive

1. Full automatic pneumatic kinfe feeding system to guarantee stable and continuous production, Cutting blade which contacts the die head can be adjusted automatically after abrasion, thus to guarantee the precised contact between cutter and die head, PLC controlling system to meet manual/automatic oerpation, touch screen makes the operation and maintenance easily

2. Super anti-wear hard alloy cutting blade with constant pneumatic cutting adjusting system to guarantee a longer life

3.Modular Designed Tempered Water Circulating System to meet different requirement from customers. Every part can be installed independently which makes it easier and faster to replace 

4. Based on requirements of customers as well as the charateristic of raw materials. COWIN EXTRUSIONsuper anti-wear hard alloy die plate,cutting blades, high efficient and low energy consumption heading system make the cutting reulst more perfect.

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Product category: Twin screw extruders

LFRT Extrusion Line

Long-fiberReinforce Thermoplastic(LFRT), the length of the fiber glass is bigger than 3mm, while the commercialized LFRT is normally 6-25mm. 

The modulus of long fiber reinforcement is double than that of short fiber reinforcement, while impact tension is four times, can keep its function without any change under the temperature of minus 30℃

After a long term research and test, COWIN has develop the ideal equipment to optimize the LFRT with our CHT series high torque twin screw extruder with charateristics of smaller screw gap, unique screw configuration to ensure best compounding and avoid over shearing., precise temperature control. Talor lenght-rated cutting system.

Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information.


COWIN EXTRUSION is leading supplier of LFRT extrusion line in China. We have cooeprated with some research center and university and successfully develop such technology.

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Product category: Twin screw extruders

Sheet Extrusion Line

We can supplier a turn-key sheet solution for you.  Our sheet lines are now working in France, Turkey, Serbia, Saudi Arabia,China, etc. 

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Product category: Twin screw extruders


COWIN EXTRUSION has successfully made CSE TM super high efficient single screw extruder. This kind of extruder has a much bigger capacity, lower energy consumption, meanwhile an excellent anti-wear performance. For pipe extrusion, the energy consumption is 0.25-0.3kwh/kg, while0.15-0.2kwh/kg for board, sheet and granulating, which is greatly lower than the common single screw extruder. Customer can not only increase the output, but also save more energy, which makes the products more competitive on the market.

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Product category: Twin screw extruders

Screw elements

We have large quantity spare parts for extruders available. Screw elements for twin screw extruders.  We not only can provide the Chinese extruder screw elements, but also can make screw elements for your existing extruders. And the price/function is much more better then you buy from the original supplier of twin screw extruders. 

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Product category: Twin screw extruders

CHT75-Plus Twin Scew Compounding Line

1. Higher Torque 
Based on powerful R&D research departement, COWIN has successfully increase the torque degree of gearbox from 5.5 T/A3 to 11.2 T/A3. That means, for the same size extruder, you can get much more output. Meanwhile, the energy is greatly decreased. 

2. More Accurate
All the key parts including, gears, shafts, screw and barrels are processed by CNC.  That  will guarantee our machinery a more stable running condition and less fault. And the advance installation method of the gearbox is our advantage to others

3.Flexible Screw Configuration
With COWIN extruder, you can change the screw configuration for different applications. That thanks to the flexible screw design, it will help you very easily to do so.

4. Customized Design
COWIN firstly give the service to customers who need special design for their extruders based on their previous experience. COWIN would like to invite customers to participate in the design of the extruders. You can give your own idea and even can design by yourself.

5. Different Size Available
In COWIN, you can find machinery from smallest size 16mm to biggest size 160mm 

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Future Perspectives & Global Challenges:
Resource Efficiency

New Materials:
Function and self-reinforcing polymers

Digitalisation of the value Chain:
Functional integration

Lightweight Construction:
Self-reinforcing plastics

Product category: Twin screw extruders

CHT65-Max Twin Screw Extruder

COWIN EXTRUSION are always focusing on improvment on the twin screw extruders. From the CHT-Eco sieries to CHT-Plus and CHT-Max. We have three models for your reference based on your fomulation and budget.  Meanwhile, we provide pre-sale and after sale service timely and professionally.  

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About us

Company details

COWIN EXTRUSION is a professional compounding technology supplier. Thanks to the better understanding of mechanical and  chemical combination. COWIN not only provide machinery to customers, but also a turn-key project is available to our customers.  

COWIN EXTRUSION has deep cooperation with domestic university and R&D center to develop more and more new products. Meanwhile, we have got quite good technical support from abroad for the new generation gearbox, which makes our high torque compounding system has a better performance.

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Company data

Sales volume

5 - 20 Mill. US $

Export content

max. 50%

Number of employees

31 - 100

Target groups

Machinery construction