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Product category: Hotrunner systems

Mini valve gate nozzles for small parts & small pitch

Thermoplay is pleased to announce their newly expanded small nozzle series featuring the F Ø11. Designed to meet the increasing requirements of special applications in the packaging, medical, cosmetics and electronics sectors, the nozzle features a smaller pitch and is now also  available for valve gate applications.
The new F Ø11 valve gate nozzle has a minimum pitch of 13 mm. Thanks to its compact profile, this nozzle is ideal for use in restricted areas and allows injection on an “inside” surface of the part. The nozzle and tip design allows low thermal dispersion giving the maximum flexibility to the mould maker to design the cooling system.
The patented Thermoplay heaters uniformly distribute heat along the whole nozzle surface, providing low energy consumption (100W maximum per nozzle).
Valve gate actuation can be pneumatic or hydraulic, individual or plate actuated, making them ideal for high cavitation applications requiring increased precision. The pin, available in a cylindrical or conical option, is designed to minimize the witness mark on the part (0,8 -1,2 mm) providing the highest quality finish.
The FØ11 valve gate nozzle series combine flexibility and quality, and is available in lengths from 56 to 106 mm as standard. Options for colour change and pin finishes optimize the process for specific applications.

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Product category: Hotrunner systems

Shut-off actuation plate

Traditionally, the needle of the shut-off nozzles is activated by a number of pneumatic, hydraulic (one for each nozzle) actuators.

However, housing multiple fluid actuators and the relative supply and conditioning ducts inside a mould is often complex and in some cases, impossible.

The new plate movement system developed by Thermoplay provides the advantages of a moving plate without losing those of the traditional technique.

The extremely compact size of this shut-off system and the relative mechanical or electric drive, allow for less distance between the cavities of the mould whilst maintaining the advantages of the movement systems used today.

In some cases a particular device can be installed, allowing each needle to be decoupled from the moving plate and simultaneously, the “closed needle” position can be blocked, which is necessary if the flow of plastic material has to be blocked in one or more cavities.

Both functions, closing/opening, of a cavity and adjustment of the needle, can be implemented from the external part, without disassembling any component from the mould.

Further benefits include: simplified conditioning system in the mould; easy application also with many cavities and minimum nozzle to nozzle distances; very precise and separate adjustment of pin position; possibility to exclude one or more cavities on board the machine.

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Product category: Hotrunner systems

Nozzle for medical parts with special shapes

In injection molding applications of special shaped parts having longer lengths proportionally to the diameter, it is difficult to avoid movements of the mould core, which determines consequent wall thickness differences.

The core can move sideways in consequence of a non homogeneous filling, which creates a radial strength even if the geometry of the molding part allows to have an injection point coinciding with its symmetry axis.

To position the injection points near the tube open side, determines lower movements of the core.

The new nozzle developed by Thermoplay, allows to eliminate the traditional “tunnel” sprues, usually used in these applications.

Injection is direct in the cylindrical cavity wall. The nozzle structure allows easy machining of the injection system housing in the mould. Furthermore the nozzle is provided with double plastic sealing ring. The thermal profile of the nozzle body and the tip insulation from the forming matrix, allows using process parameters aligned with the ones suggested by the plastic material manufacturers.

Finally, thanks to the lateral injection, the extraction operation allows to have a minimal injection point free from imperfections.

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Product category: Hotrunner systems

Multitip nozzle for injection of small tubular parts

This nozzle has been designed for axial injection of small parts with tubular shape. The particular position of the 2 or 3 close tips allow to inject lengthwise on the walls of the parts with a minimum distance between the points being 3,2 mm. As a consequence this nozzle is particularly suitable for applications where in multiple injection in extremely restricted areas is required.

The filling is balanced, avoids core bending, which could effect this type of application. This nozzle type is suggested for the injection of high fluidity polymers.

Available diameters : 18, 22, 30, 44 mm

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Product category: Hotrunner systems

Valve gate nozzles for fast cycles

This new nozzle is provided with a special shut off group, which is suitable for moulding technical parts, where the injection speed and high pressure require high performances. The sealing area between the nozzle head and manifold has been upgraded, in order to compensate the injection pressure increase during fast production cycles. To get an optimal injection rate, the melt channel inside the nozzle has been increased. In addition, the thermal exchange between pin and cavity plate has been improved to achieve a faster cooling of the gate area. Finally, the construction guarantees a mechanical clamping even when the system is not thermally expanded. This represents a safety solution especially when cold start up accidentally happens. Typical applications of these special solutions are thin wall plastic parts which require high injection speed and fast cooling cycles.

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Product category: Hotrunner systems

Temperature controller up to 240 zones

Thermoplay SpA presents the new temperature control unit up to 240 zones , which is provided with15”touch screen display operator terminal, USB interface, in a cast aluminium sturdy structure.

By means of the WLAN remote connection it is possible to perform online technical assistance, set the process parameters, automatic test of connections and injection systems heaters.

New smaller electronic boards (max.6.3 Afor each zone) for heating the nozzles provide modular expansion in modules of 6 zones.

The control unit performs continuous check on each zone power absorption allowing fast intervention in case of plastics leakage or failures of the injection system components.

Regardless of the number of zones and operator interface, the new Thermoplay temperature controller provides the following functions/key features:

Synchronous increase of temperatures despite the thermal inertia of different zones: delayed start-up of the nozzle zones is avoided. “Slave” function: each zone can be linked to another with similar thermal behaviour (operator's choice) if a thermocouple is interrupted. This is a valid alternative to manual operation. Plastic leakage alarm: the controller continuously monitors each zone's absorption and allows immediately intervention if plastic leaks from a nozzle.Collective modification of all zones: set temperature and all the control and alarms parameters can be simultaneously modified on all the zones. This happens by pressing a panel button.Immediate and complete diagnostic: the controller identifies and signals the thermocouple failures (breaking and inverted connection), fuse and heater interruption, solid state relay faults, phase power supply interruption.Phase modulation adjustment for a more efficient soft start. Regulation outputs offset to avoid absorption peaks on three-phase mains. 2 independent set points.Multi languageElectronic board immune to over-voltage due to incorrect connection to power supply line.Max working temperature:50°C. Main protection with circuit breaker. 3-phase 400V supply voltage with neutral, 3-phase 240V without neutral. CE Certification

Optional: Alarm/enabling outputs for connection with injection press. Interconnection of 2 (or more) controllers: all zones connected to one of the two control units (regardless of which) will follow the same temperature increment.

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About us

Company details

Thermoplay, with its HQ in the industrial area of Pont-Saint-Martin in Aosta, Italy, is a company that specialises in developing and manufacturing hot runner systems for plastic injection moulding. Thanks to constant growth and considerable investments, Thermoplay has achieved leading position in Italy and throughout the world in a short period of time.
Today, there are 170 employees in the manufacturing plant, which covers a surface of 11,000 square meters. Thermoplay is present with sales and technical team in 48 countries worldwide.
New branches recently set up in China and India join those already established in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal and Brazil.
Our product range, designed and built exclusively in-house, includes a vast selection of standard and special hot runner systems including complete hot half’s as well as temperature and sequential control units, flow analysis, tailored made projects, simultaneous injection of different colours and
materials, sequential injection with pneumatic or hydraulic valves, so to satisfy all type of configuration needs for any market or application.
Our technical and sales teams can respond to any enquiry within 24 hours. Thermoplay guarantees delivery of standard systems, distribution plates and standard nozzles in only 5 working days.
A team of researchers and specialised technicians, aware of customer requests in a continuously evolving market, allows for the development of a flexible and easy to manage range of products. Prototypes are tested using a wide range of plastic materials, and undergo tests and simulations to verify performance during the transformation process.
The control of each individual component during the manufacturing process, from machining to final assembly and shipping, guarantees products of outstanding quality.
The UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification represents a promise for present and future activities.
Temperature and sequential controllers, designed and manufactured according to the highest safety and quality standards, guarantee a perfect control of the hot runner systems, consequently of the molding process.
We design and manufacture our products in an innovative and responsible way, and at the heart of the process we put our passion and ability, and human value of our employees.

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Company data

Sales volume

20 - 100 Mill. US $

Export content

max. 50%

Number of employees

101 - 500



Area of business

Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries

Target groups
  • Plastic product manufacturing
  • Packaging / distribution
  • Vehicle construction / aerospace
  • Electronics / electro technology
  • Medical technology / precision engineering / optics