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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.017  Compounds (Polymer blends)

Compounds (Polymer blends)

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.028  Fire protection agents
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.047  Color Masterbatches
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.071  Light stabilisers (s. UV stabilizers)

Light stabilisers (s. UV stabilizers)

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.115  UV stabilizer

Our products

Product category: Compounds (Polymer blends)


The Tosaf Group offers mineral-filled compounds, based on PP/PE/PS, that contain talc, CaCO3, glass fibers, BaSO2, and others. Compounds can be supplied in custom-designed, accurate colors, and with additional properties such as flame retardant and UV.
Compounds are used for a variety of white good and automotive plastic parts, garden furniture, E&E, home appliances, and additional injection applications.

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Product category: Color Masterbatches, Masterbatches

Color Masterbatches (Concentrates)

Tosaf Compounds Ltd. is a global company that specializes in Color Masterbatches for the plastic industry, including all organic and inorganic pigments, as well as those for pearlescent, metallic, fluorescent, granite, sparkles and other special effects. This allows our global color team to create colors and effects that support our customers brand initiatives.
Our company offers quick response and solutions that address the demands of the global market. Among our Color Masterbatches we have created a range of applications such as: film & sheets, injection, PVC cables, construction, PC sheets.
The application processes include Injection molding, blow molding, extrusion (sheet, film and profile), calendering, rotational molding, etc. This broad range of color master batches allows our customers to set their products apart, making them unique in their specific markets.
We develop in accordance with the highest standards of professional, physical and chemical testing, to ensure superior products.

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Product category: Masterbatches, Additive concentrates, Color Masterbatches

White Color Masterbatches

Tosaf White Masterbatches are based on a variety of polymers, and contains various concentrations of TiO2 for indoor and outdoor applications and for food and non-food applications.
The White Masterbatches can be combined with a wide range of additives such as antistatics, processing aids, UV stabilizers and antiblocks.

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Product category: Masterbatches, Additive concentrates, Fire protection agents



The high quality standards and custom-made products offered by Tosaf include a full range of additives for XPS, PE foams, pipes, and PP cast sheets.
The main products used in this industry are flame-retardant (FR) additives and compounds. Tosaf flame-retardant products are of excellent efficiency, have thermal and chemical stability and good process ability, and comply with international standards and regulations (such as DIN 4102, UL 94, Euro-standard and NF P 92-501).
Tosaf offers innovative FR products, such as LS0H and FR/slip for the pipe industry, HFFR for the cable industry, non-ATO based products, HBCD-free for XPS, and more.
Products for construction also include various types of talc compounds, foaming agents, UV stabilizers, anti-static, and colors.

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Product category: Masterbatches, Additive concentrates, Fire protection agents, Color Masterbatches, Light stabilisers (s. UV stabilizers), UV stabilizer

Films & Packaging

The films and packaging industry is one of the largest in the plastics industries – if not the largest. As a leading manufacturer, Tosaf is proud to offer an extensive range of additives for this industry, to ensure optimal processes and end products for our customers.
Tosaf products for the film and packaging industry include:
Slip – Easily converted into a final product, the Tosaf Slip Additives reduce the friction between the layers of film, and between the film and other surfaces.
Anti-Block – When added to the plastic film formulation, the Tosaf Anti-Blocking Additives minimize adhesion caused by plastic films sticking together ("blocking) and make it easier to separate the film layers.
Antifog – Tosaf offers Surface Active Additives for anti-fog purposes, which differ in chemistry, purity, MW, etc. Fog, also known as dripping, is the condensation of water vapors on the surface of transparent plastic films in the form of small droplets.
Excellent optical properties – For better product appearance
Excellent processing – To minimize die-buildup / maximize productivity
Wide range of products for various applications, including: Very thin, lightweight laminated and double / triple bubble films.
Antistatic – By using the Tosaf Anti-Static Additives, static electricity is significantly reduced or eliminated. Plastic films often create static electricity as a result of high surface resistivity combined with low dielectric constant.

Barrier for migrating additives – Innovative product in final stage of development. Designed to control the migration of Antifog from sealing layer into the film (into other layers).
• Excellent Antifog performance by reducing Antifog load.
• No damage to tie bonding as a result of Antifog migration / no need for special tie in thin films
• No disturbance to lamination quality
• Better processing and easier extrusion

Processing Aid – Tosaf Processing Aids successfully help overcome processing difficulties which may be due to high molecular weight polymers.
Anti-Oxidant – Tosaf Anti-Oxidant protects polymers from degradation that is caused by the creation of free radicals during production. By using Anti-Oxidant, loss of mechanical and esthetical properties is prevented.

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Product category: Masterbatches, Additive concentrates

BOPP and CPP (BiOriented PP and Cast PP)

Biaxial-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films have become popular over the past few years and have emerged as one of the highest growth films in the world due to a unique combination of improved properties, convenience and lower costs.
A pioneer and leading manufacturer in the BOPP industry, Tosaf is one of the few exclusive BOPP Masterbatch producers in the world and offers a broad range of innovative products.
Tosaf holds a full range of standard additives and compounds for the production of BOPP films, as well as exclusive innovations such as a high process ability matte compound, scratch-free matte compound, high gloss pearl, permanent hot slip, and anti-microbial MB.
Standard materials include antifog, matte compound, paper-like, pearlized, white, anti-static, slip, anti-block, and combined materials.

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Product category: Masterbatches, Additive concentrates, Fire protection agents, Color Masterbatches, UV stabilizer

Raffia and Fibers

As the leading additives supplier for the Raffia & Fiber industry, Tosaf offers a full range of high quality products at competitive prices.
The main product used in the industry is the UV stabilizer. The Tosaf innovative UV stabilizers prevent physical degradation, such as loss of tensile strength, loss of elongation property, and loss of impact strength. These excellent UV stabilizers are also designed to minimize water carry-over (WCO) during production.
In addition, the Tosaf UV stabilizers help retain the product's appearance by preventing discoloration, surface crazing, hazing and gloss loss.
Tosaf offers a variety of UV stabilizers – food-grade and non-food-grade, and either natural or combibatch (UV+white) – to meet the client's requirements.
Additional additives for the Raffia and Fiber industry also include anti-split (low dust), coating compounds, flame retardant, colors, white and custom additives.

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Product category: Masterbatches, Additive concentrates, Light stabilisers (s. UV stabilizers), UV stabilizer

Agriculture Film Masterbatches


Over the past few decades, the use of plastics in agriculture has grown dramatically.
Farmers who use plastic films recognize significant benefits, such as improved quality, increased yields, earlier harvests, reduced use of herbicides and pesticides, and decreased water and energy expenses.
Main applications include greenhouse films, mulch films, silages / bale stretch wrapping, nets, geomembranes and tarpaulin, and non-woven fabrics.
As well as producing state-of-the-art masterbatches for these applications, Tosaf also works with its partners from the design and prototype stage to commercial production.
The Tosaf R&D team's leading technical expertise in Plasticulture, supported by farmers and agronomists, result in custom-made solutions and innovative developments that meet our clients' specific requirements.
Product range includes UV stabilizers, IR, anti-fog, light diffusers, colors, and custom additives, which can be suited to type of crop, geographical area, and chemical environment.

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Product category: Masterbatches, Additive concentrates, UV stabilizer


The demanding polycarbonate (PC) sheet industry is rapidly developing and continuously entering new markets. Therefore, PC sheet manufacturers are required to exhibit great expertise, know-how and sophistication.
Working hand-in-hand with these manufacturers, Tosaf provides a variety of custom-made additives, compounds and colors – to ensure the successful production of solid and multiwall PC sheets.

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About us

Company details


The Tosaf Group is a global developer and manufacturer of additives, compounds and color masterbatches for the plastics industry.

The Tosaf Group is a privately held group, jointly owned by its founders, the Megides family, and by the Ravago Group as a prominent partner.

Founded in 1986, The Tosaf Group is a plastics industry pioneer, specializing in color masterbatches for various uses.

Over the years, the Tosaf Group has also become a global leader in the development and production of innovative additive solutions.

Our state-of-the-art research and QC laboratories are ready & able to assist you with a wide range of cutting-edge products.

We pride ourselves on being a large international company with personalized services – our aim is to provide our partners with what they need, when they need it.

Color Masterbatches (Concentrates).
White Color Masterbatches.
Additive Masterbatches for:
Films & Packaging, BOPP (Bioriented PP Film) and CPP (Cast PP), Agriculture Film, Construction (Flame Retardant), Raffia and Fibers, Polycarbonate (PC).

Tosaf in a Snapshot

Sales Turnover

Production Capacity
120K tons

Number of Employees

Production Sites
11 plants in 7 countries

Sales Offices
40 worldwide

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Company data

Sales volume

> 100 Mill. US $

Export content

max. 75%

Number of employees

> 500



Area of business

Raw materials, auxiliaries

Target groups
  • Plastic product manufacturing
  • Packaging / distribution
  • Vehicle construction / aerospace
  • Electronics / electro technology
  • Construction / building and living
  • ICT
  • Energy technology / photovoltaics
  • Agriculture
  • Sports / leisure
  • Other industries

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