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Our products

Product category: Computer software services


A permanent exchange of information between production hall and office about the current state of the order, delivery dates and availability of resources has become part and parcel of any production company. The faster the latest information can be made available, the better the quality of all planning processes becomes throughout the entire company. And this is where INCLUDIS.Web comes into play as it delivers reliable Web-based information about your production process in real time and helps you lower your production costs.

Our Web-based solution INCLUDIS.Web allows you to attain fully transparent production processes and continuous monitoring of your production (24/7) in no time at all. INCLUDIS.WEB supplies you with reliable figures that indicate your efficiency (O.E.E.) and monitors permanently if the production requirements as set by the ERP system are being met. You can use the appropriate reporting tools to automatically share the recorded information across your company and with the staff members in charge.

Thanks to its modular design, you can expand your INCLUDIS system at any time. As a basic requirement, you should link your production facilities via intelligent automation components in order to maximize the benefit you can reap from perfect MES system integration.

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Product category: Computer software services

MES Cloud

Industry 4.0 is the standard that dictates the operation of INCLUDIS.Web in the Cloud. Our Cloud solution is a particularly good choice for small and medium-sized production businesses that do not provide an IT infrastructure of their own or do not wish to expand their existing infrastructure. You will save the substantial cost associated with an IT infrastructure and can calculate with fixed monthly costs when using INCLUDIS.Web. You will not incur any costs for maintenance and installing updates. The INCLUDIS concept of standardization allows all devices and automation modules capable of TCP/IP communication to communicate directly with the Cloud servers set up at the data processing center.One topic that is always a concern in one form or another is privacy and unauthorized access of the data stored in the Cloud. Secure cloud operation calls for reliable authentication procedures, security updates and dependable and certified IT providers.

Our company supports two different Cloud use models:

Public Cloud
This model involves the classic operation at a data processing center set up by a Cloud provider (AWS, Microsoft). To access the data, all the user needs is an Internet connection. INCLUDIS hosts the software running at the data processing center for you and performs regular updates.

Private Cloud
When opting for this model, you will lease a dedicated server at a data processing center, giving your IT staff or an IT provider full control of the server. You will save the initial cost involved with purchasing a server and the operating system. The only cost you will incur is the monthly operating costs associated with the use of the server. The size of the server can be adapted to the current requirements of your business. You can use secure VPN connections to access the system at any time using your browser. INCLUDIS performs regular updates after consulting your IT department.

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Product category: Computer software services

Mobile MES

To us, Smart Manufacturing is more than a hip buzz phrase. What you need is the ability to access your production data directly from your smartphone or tablet PC. All information is available for direct retrieval regardless of whether you access the data from your PC or your mobile device.Our newly developed apps for mobile devices provide you with real-time and up-to-the-minute indicators and dashboards related to rejects, yields and operating times as well as all areas of production – anytime, anywhere. One area where our apps truly shine are the manual entries posted by the workers using their mobile devices at their machines and systems. Compared to installations of stationary equipment, these apps afford you significant savings in cost.

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Product category: Computer software services


Record and visualize automatic snapshots of your production in real time. Piece numbers, rejects quantities, downtimes, breakdown reasons, and operating times. The machines and systems are connected to INCLUDIS via industrial automation modules that support TCP/IP communication or directly via the available machine interfaces. The collection of the data is independent of the manufacturer of the relevant machine or of the year the systems were made. The module establishes a direct online connection to the networked machines and systems.

The built-in email/SMS messenger system notifies you immediately of any production variances or production disruptions and can also automatically generate reports and Excel sheets and share them with the members of your staff that you put in charge of these matters.

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Product category: Computer software services

Energy Management

INCLUDIS. Energy helps you document the energy consumption in your business.The objective is to record and visualize the amount of energy used in real time to harmonize the processes in your company that are energy-intensive. The relevant data is collected by energy meters that need to be installed on site or via automation modules that are equipped with energy measuring terminals. You can access the captured data directly and from anywhere using your browser, allowing you to achieve considerable savings in cost for your company.

We use industrial measuring systems to measure the amounts consumed by the connected loads (machines, compressors, pumps, heaters and chillers, sub-distributors, and much more) store them long-term in a time-referenced database. The ability to attribute the amounts consumed directly to a specific production order allows you to determine the energy consumption of an individual product.

Clear and expressive energy dashboards and statistics put you in a position where you can constantly compare the recorded energy data to your targets and attribute them automatically to specific production orders.

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About us

Company details

INCLUDIS develops and distributes Web-based MES software solutions that are on the cutting edge of global technology. INCLUDIS has become a household name as a versatile and innovative supplier of MES standard software. Notable customers from all areas of the discrete manufacturing industry have been using our solutions with tremendous success.

Founded in Berlin in 1995, INCLUDIS is the first MES software provider who based their development process entirely on industry standards and implemented the Web capability of their MES modules in line with Industry 4.0 requirements in 2013. Since we put the use of industry standards front and center and focus on local automation systems and Web capability, our customers have benefitted from competitive advantages and significant savings in cost from the very beginning.

INCLUDIS has installed systems for customers in over 20 countries across Europe, the United States, and Asia and has linked more than 9,000 machines.

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