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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.010  Bioplastics
  •  Compounds/Blends
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.01  Thermoplastics
  • 01.01.023  Electrically conductive plastics

Electrically conductive plastics

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.06  Synthetic fibres, bristels, tapes
  • 01.06.007  Polyester fibres
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.06  Synthetic fibres, bristels, tapes
  • 01.06.008  Polypropylene fibres
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.047  Color Masterbatches
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.092  Pigment Black, Pigment Black Preparations

Pigment Black, Pigment Black Preparations

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.115  UV stabilizer
  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.14  Others
  • 01.14.011  Anticorrosive effect

Anticorrosive effect

Our products

Product category: Masterbatches, Color Masterbatches, Polyester fibres

PET Masterbatches

Blend Colours offer extensive range of masterbatches for PET Fibres & PET Bottles which meet stringent requirements of food/packaging (FDA Approved) with brilliance in transparency & color strength. The colors can be formulated in a vast array of bright & rich shades that frequently cannot be achieved with traditional pigment / dye technology.

Blend Colours PET Masterbatches are highly successful in the global market as they provide immense benefits to our customers in terms of color brilliancy and low dosage levels.

Major Applications:
Polyester Staple Fibres
Pharmaceutical Bottles
Mineral Water Bottles
Beverage Bottles
Household & Cosmetic Bottles
Oil Bottles
Various Beauty Products
Chemical Bottles
Pesticide Bottles
Injection Moudling Trays & Tubs
Food Packaging
PET Film & Extruded Sheet
PET Strapping

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Product category: Masterbatches, Color Masterbatches, Polyester fibres, Polypropylene fibres

Single Pigment Concentrates(SPC’s/ MOC’s)

Blend Colours manufactures Single Pigment Concentrates -SPC’s which contain high loadings of organic and inorganic pigments. These Single Pigment Concentrates are fully dispersed using high quality additives, to ensure optimum colour and cost efficiencies. The excellent pigment dispersion ensures quick and homogenous dispersion of the colour in the chosen polymer imparting maximum colour strength and consistent colour reproducibility. As a result no further dispersion is required which minimizes processing costs. Single Pigment Concentrates –

SPC’s are available In various resin such as: PET / PBT/ PP / PE.

Application areas:

Compounding/Masterbatches: They can be used as a replacement of powder pigments, providing a dust free solution and easier handling
Fibers for Textiles, carpets, and upholstery - A manufacturer can make any combination of two or more concentrates and produce an exclusive range of his colours.
And many other applications

Advantages of our SPC’s

High colour strength
Excellent dispersion, with low FPV values
Dust Free Environment
lot-to-lot consistent quality of end product

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Product category: Compounds/Blends, Masterbatches

Engineering Compounds & Masterbatches

Blend colours also produces a wide range of engineering plastics for electrical & electronics, automotive and consumer durable goods industry. We offer engineering plastics based on the following types of resin

•Polybutylene terephthalate
•Poly Amide 6/6,6

We can offer Following products:
•Flame Retardant Compounds for All Commodity & Engineering Plastics
•Glass Reinforced Compounds in PA and PP
•Alloys and Blends such as  PC+ABS, PA+ABS
•Pre-Colored Compounds
•Mineral Filled with PA-6, PA 6,6

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Product category: Masterbatches, Color Masterbatches, Polypropylene fibres

PP Masterbatches

Blend Colours Provide PP Masterbatches for following applications, which impart greater efficiencies, excellent dispersion, and smooth processability.

PP Non Woven Fabrics
PPR Pipes
PP Fibres

Major Advantages of our PP Masterbatches

High Light Fastness which gives bright colours and no fading
High gloss as no fillers added in masterbatch
Base Raw Material used is PP with good flow
High quality parameters to give consistency from batch to batch
Excellent Dispersion with low FPV (for Non Woven Fabrics)

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Product category: Anticorrosive effect

VCI Masterbatch

VCI stands for ‘Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor’ (VCI) masterbatches are chemical formulations in pellet form. VCI Masterbatch can be blended with many polyethylene resins (LDPE/ LLDPE/ HDPE / PP) to produce a range of anti-corrosion packaging systems like Blown Film / Molding / Stretch film

When VCI Masterbatch is used to manufacture the finished product, it offers corrosion protection by releasing vapours which form a monomolecular protective layer on the surface of metal to be protected.

Application Areas:
Engine Components & parts
Aircraft Engines & parts
Guns & Gun parts

Advantages of BLEND COLOURS VCI Masterbatch:
Low Dosage of 1% - 3% required
It eliminates the use of additional oils, greases & desiccants
It Delays / Stops corrosion of wide range of metal types.
Our in-house R&D can formulate to customers specific requirements

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Product category: Electrically conductive plastics, Masterbatches, Pigment Black, Pigment Black Preparations

Conductive Compounds

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a serious problem. Most thermoplastic resins are electrical insulators. However carefully designed formulations of thermoplastic resins with conductive carbon blacks can change the electrical characteristics from insulating to conductive.

Static electricity can be a problem sometimes as it is a natural phenomenon which cannot be avoided and can lead to disastrous circumstances.

Rapid dissipation of this charge causing a spark could be devastating. Delicate electronic components are easily damaged by static discharge and subsequent faults in assembled equipment can be costly.

To reduce the risk of a catastrophic discharge of electrostatic energy, Blend Colours Manufactures range of conductive compounds in PE/PP/PS. The conductive properties of these compounds are permanent and not dependent on temperature or humidity. Conductive compounds can be processed on conventional plastics processing equipment and are designed to meet the needs of the many industries where permanent reduction of electrostatic hazards is required.

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Product category: UV stabilizer

UV Stabilizer Masterbatches

Polymers, when subject to prolonged exposure to sunlight, undergo rapid aging resulting in deterioration of mechanical properties caused by chain break down, cross linking, discoloration, deterioration in optical properties. As an example, films lose their flexibility and disintegrate, garden furniture becomes brittle or stadium seats become chalky.

This phenomenon is known as photo-degradation which causes discoloration, cracking, chalking and loss of physical properties.

In order to limit or postpone the onset of degradation, several types of UV protection can be added to the polymer. The most important ways of UV protection are with:

UV Absorption
UV Stabilization

We at BLEND COLOURS offer right combination of these additives which enables the processors to have good effect of UV to retain long life of their products. We offer UV's for following applications:

Agricultural Films
PP Films, Tapes/Fabrics
Packaging Films

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Product category: Masterbatches, Pigment Black, Pigment Black Preparations

Black Masterbatches

Black Masterbatch Product Highlights:

Excellent dispersion
Durability against extreme weather conditions
Electro-static conductive grades
Food contact acceptable grades
Super Jet blacks 
Easy flow / Low viscosity products
Highly loaded products up to 55%
Based on PE, PP, EVA, PET, PS and universal polymers
Custom Masterbatches & compounds

Black Masterbatch Application Areas:

Thin films (20 microns)
Thick films and Sheet Extrusion
Pipes and irrigation Laterals
Roto Molding/ Injection Molding / Blow Molding
Polyester Staple Fiber
Non Woven Fabrics
Automotive applications
PET sheet

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Product category: Masterbatches, Color Masterbatches

White Masterbatches

Blend Colours offers a comprehensive range of White Masterbatches which provide high Opacity, Maximum Whiteness Index, and excellent Dispersion.

We have unique combinations of various loading of TiO2 with various base polymers, including highly loaded titanium dioxide grades for maximum opacity. All our major white masterbatches meet international food contact regulations.

For varied applications where specific shades of white (blue tone) are required we offer our colour matching service to meet our customers' requirements.

Products Best Suited for:

Thin and Thick Gauge Films (Multilayer / Monolayer films)
BOPP, Blown and Extrusion Coating Films
Injection Molding / Blow Molding/ Roto Molding
Thermoforming (Thin and thick wall applications)
Woven Sacks
Non-Woven Fabrics
PET Fibres

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Product category: Masterbatches, Color Masterbatches

Colour Masterbatches

Blend Colours brings sensational colours to plastic applications - Colours that delights the eye, Colours that differentiates, Colours that adds value, Colours that identifies form and function!

We offer thousands of shades in Colour Masterbatches, with a wide selection of standard colours available from stock; we also provide colours suitable for outdoor applications, with UV resistant, high light fastness, high heat resistant specific grades.

We also offer Colour Masterbatches for:
Against RAL & Pantone Shade Cards
Which Comply EN 71-3 toys regulation
For Low Warpage applications

For Specialty Base carriers such as:

For customer specific requirements we offer a colour matching service, matching the colour specific to product needs. Products available for wide range of applications

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New Materials:
Additives & Fillers for Rubbers & Plastics

Lightweight Construction:
Self-reinforcing plastics

Product category: Compounds/Blends, Masterbatches

Fillers / Mineral Compounds

Blend Colours Filler masterbatches are concentrates of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) or Talc in a polymer base. They offer a convenient way of incorporating CaCO3 and Talc in thermoplastics without contamination by dust. They have perfect dispersion and optimized flow properties ensuring easy processing. The CaCO3 and talc grades used in our filler masterbatches are of excellent quality allowing much higher loading compared to conventional filler masterbatches.

Its Applications areas are:

Raffia Tape
PE Carry/Shopping bags
Blow Molding
Injection Molding

The main use of filler masterbatches lies in tapes, which is to provide anti-fibrillation (also known as anti-splitting) properties. There are other advantages as:

Lower raw materials cost, as they are more economic than polymer resins.
Reduction of white masterbatch requirement.
Higher stiffness.
Improved weld ability and printability.
Improved anti-blocking properties.
Improved weaving ability.
Easier processing

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About us

Company details

Established in 1998, after having created a strong base in India, Blend Colours, in 2007, channelised its efforts to make a mark in the global arena. With aplomb, it went about its activities and is today recognised as an ‘Export House’ by the Government of India. our Product Range includes White, Black, Colour Masterbatches in PE/PP/PS/EVA/PET/ABS; Additive Masterbatches incl Antimicrobial, Flame Retardant, UV Masterbatches etc. and Fillers in PE/PP. Colours and Mono Concentrates for Polyester and Polypropylene Fibres and Filaments.

A part of the Shree Group of Companies, which executes business of over USD 120 Million, Blend Colours business is all set to touch USD 30 Million this year, with exports contributing to 20%. With business spread over 25 countries, products of Blend Colours are already well accepted in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.

We are a well-established company, which looks for continuous development & improvement in quality. We are recipients of ‘D&B – Axis Bank SME Awards 2012’ as “Best Small Enterprise” and also have been honoured with “PEARLS OF ANDHRA PRADESH” award by SSI Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, for continuous growth since inception

For Blend Colours, with business on the rise and the road ahead vibrant, it was important to enhance offerings to its customers, both in terms of aggressive delivery timelines coupled with utmost batch to bath consistency. The company has successfully implemented its expansion plan and has commissioned a new facility for filler and white masterbatches with a capacity of 9000 MTPA at its unit III. In totality, the total production capacity of Blend Colours has now touched 24000 MTPA, with further plans of a convenient ramp up to 40000 MTPA

The customers can now enjoy a whole new range / grades of masterbatches – filler and white. ‘The first of its kind automated feeding systems, will allow us to set new quality and productivity standards and empower us to further our presence in the local and global markets.’ With the state-of-art R&D and well-drawn out processes for stringent quality control, the company continues to make giant strides in the regulated markets of food and pharmaceutical with its range of products that comply to US, European and domestic regulatory standards.

With a recently increased production capacity, the company is now looking to appoint distributors and traders to achieve its planned growth of 50% in exports for FY 2016. Aggressive marketing, robust support systems and adept technical assistance have been instrumental in the company surpassing its exports targets. The company now plans to extend its commitment by initiating stock and sale in most promising global markets.

Technology has always been a key differentiator for BCPL, which has notably benefited its customers and has infact set a new industry standard. ‘An elaborate R&D and testing facility allows us the possibility to increase customer comfort by offering a better handholding for their applications. R&D setup has been expanded by incorporating world class equipment’s such as DSC, TGA, FTIR. This will further enhance customer delight’

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Company data

Sales volume

20 - 100 Mill. US $

Export content

max. 25%

Number of employees

101 - 500



Area of business
  • Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • Semi-finished products, technical parts and reinforced plastics
Target groups
  • Plastic product manufacturing
  • Packaging / distribution
  • Electronics / electro technology
  • Construction / building and living
  • Agriculture
  • Other industries