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Product category: Cleanroom systems

Cleanroom technology - safe production in a clean environment

The clean room system CleanMediCell® of SCHILLING ENGINEERING has been specially developed for the demanding production of medical devices or pharmaceutical packaging. The entire production process of these sensitive products must be absolutely error free and without any contamination.
Controlled cleanroom conditions and a high level of automation result in a significant increase in process reliability. During the production it is not possible to have interventions on the machines, as well as the machines themselves are not allowed to contaminate the clean room with particles. Injection blow molding machines, for example, are usually provided with special laminar flow enclosures and placed outside the clean room. The machines are docked to the clean room, where the final inspection and packaging take place. Fully automatic conveyor belts and locks transport the sensitive goods into the clenrom. The automated systems have a reliability of more than 99.9%, are easy to clean and have extremely low air leakages. Bag-in-bag packaging systems are specifically customized to the process, preventing any contamination in the packaging.

The clean room system CleanMediCell® is operated with an innovative circulating air technique which is highly energy-efficient, as the already filtered and cooled air is re-used for air exchange. The low-maintenance high-performance ULPA filter, the high degree of tightness and the flush LED lighting contribute to a lower energy consumption. Wall and ceiling elements are connected with a silicone-free sealing-clip system and can be expanded flexibly and modular rebuilt.

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About us

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SCHILLING ENGINEERING – a company with over 25 years of experience in cleanroom technology.

We realise turn-key system solutions – planning to qualification .

Apart from ready for occupancy turn-key cleanroom system solutions SCHILLING ENGINEERING manufactures and supplies also cleanroom cabins, cleanroom production cells, laminarflow workingbenches, minienvironments, cleanroom automation solutions, changing rooms and cleanroom equipments, as well as cleanroom clothes - designed for your individual needs.

CleanMediCell® Cleanroom Systems Complete cleanroom systems meet the standards of the highest cleanroom classes. They are designed to meet the particularly demanding areas of sensitive fabrication as in the semiconductor or optical industries, of medical technology and pharmaceutical processing.
Special cleanroom systems from the CleanMediCell product line ensure the absolute safety of production of medical devices. Thanks to the use of special seals and very high filter performance, the quality of cleanroom air can be maintained consistently.

CleanFlowCell® Cleanroom cabins and tents
CleanFlowCell cleanroom cabins and tents are modular in design. The systems are optimally adapted to specific customer needs in a wide variety of application areas and space conditions. Variable sizes and a standardised plug system permit their fast, simple assembly and offer flexible restructuring and expansion options. CleanFlowCell cleanroom cabins have smooth wall panels and profile systems as well as large cleanroom windows provide a pleasant, easy-to-clean working environment.
The cleanroom tents use high-quality PVC sheet and strip curtains for a safe production environment, the optimum integration of machines and flexible setup. These tent solutions are self-standing and form a closed room.

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