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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.10  Parts and components
  • 03.10.005  Heating elements

Our products

Product category: Heating elements

Steam generators and water heaters

We supply not only electric heating elements but also integrated functions. We develop and manufacture complete heating systems which include steam generators and water heaters ready for installation and provided with electric heating element, insulation, and control and regulating systems.

Working entirely in-house and together with customers, we design, produce and test operational assemblies for diverse types of applications and trades, optimizing supply costs and logistics.

We propose several operating kits in standard or bespoke versions to customer’s specifications:

Steam generators for professional combi ovens (standard modular range with 7,500 to 18,000 W power, single-phase compact generators, bespoke steam generators).
Water heaters for dishwashers (cylindrical or parallelepiped, with a wide range of standard or customized caps).
Steam generators for industrial floor washers and professional pressing equipment.
Steam generators for shower cabins with sauna/steam bath function, complete with incorporated level control and safety cut-out.
Water heaters for vending machines.

According to the requirements of customers’ projects, steam generators/water heaters come in different shapes and with a choice of manufacturing characteristics:

Cylindrical (diameter 60 to 330 mm) with mobile heating elements, mainly used in the washing sector.
Cylindrical (diameter 60 to 330 mm) or boxed with fixed heating element, used principally for: vending machines, floor washers, saunas/steam baths.
Boxed with mobile heating element, with or without inspection, suitable for applications in the catering and vending machine industries.

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Product category: Heating elements

Cable heating elements

The cable heating elements we manufacture are suitable for applications which require a flexible heater that ensures perfect insulation, also when immersed or in environments with high humidity.

They are made up of a resistive wire wound round a fibreglass support, with an insulating coating in: silicone, PVC, fibreglass, silicone with PVC or silicone with fibreglass.

Heating cables are available on reels so that they can be cut to the lengths required for the project involved, and feature the possibility to have incorporated cold parts (without joins) and gauge heat distribution by setting differentiated power zones along their length.

We assist our customers in deciding the most efficient sizing for heating cables and selecting the best connection and regulation systems, according to the technical specifications of the application in question.

Heating cables are a popular solution to problems of condensation on commercial/industrial and domestic refrigeration appliances. They are also used in the refrigeration trade as an antifreeze for drainage channels and water from defrosting.

We also provide heating cables on single or double aluminium foil, with PVC and/or silicone single or double insulation, with or without adhesive, fitted with any of several types of terminal connections.

This type of heater is used for refrigeration, domestic heating, medical and other sectors.

The cable, in silicone or PVC, can be inserted into an aluminium tube bent to the required shape to guarantee protection and heat exchange and is commonly used in domestic and industrial refrigeration as well as many other sectors.

Our production includes self-regulating cables with variable power to prevent overheating. These are used to maintain temperature in tanks and pipes and in driveway ramp de-icing applications

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Product category: Heating elements

Band heaters

We manufacture band heating elements sized and constructed for rapid heat transmission in several types of applications.

Bands are heating elements designed for easy fitting and generally made up of a stainless steel or Alusi® metal ring with a nickel-chrome resistive wire with mica or ceramic insulation. They can also be provided flat (in different shapes) and with different types of wire outlets, protections and terminals.

For our ceramic or mica band heaters (also for the nozzle version) we use only top quality materials to guarantee durability, reliability and safety.

Working together with our customers we develop bespoke band heaters. Due to our consolidated experience in designing and producing heaters for many sectors we are benchmark manufacturers for customers who require a solution that ensures maximum output and energy savings for their applications

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About us

Company details

Our mission is to supply the global market with efficient heating elements and standard or customized kits, complete with heat controls (thermostats, electronic controls, thermo fuses), thus rapidly and effectively meeting different application needs of different macro sectors:

White goods
Small household appliances
Domestic air conditioning
Industrial market

The philosophy that guides our work and our business strategy is based on a constant and very close collaboration with customers and suppliers to identify optimal solutions, standard or customized, able to meet all production demands. This strategy is also used in the internal management of the company that is based on the sharing of know-how and decades of experience in the area, matured also in manufacturing sites abroad, in the dense network of branches and international representative trade offices.

We do not limit the production to heating elements, but we try to develop technologically advanced and innovative responses to ensure maximum efficiency, economy and competitiveness to our customers. The Zoppas group, always solicitous to the Resources & Development field, have constantly invested, in financial and human resources, with the aim to anticipate market requirements, enlarge the product range and optimize the productive process.

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