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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Measuring and test equipment
  • 03.09.001  Measuring and test equipment for rheological properties

Measuring and test equipment for rheological properties

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Product category: Measuring and test equipment for rheological properties

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The deployment of state-of-the-art technology allows logging and visualization of all crucial data in real-time continuously during your whole production run.

Temperature sensors at the cutting edge (in-process-measurement)
Temperature sensors at shaft
Temperature sensor at bottom
Plug speed
Punch force
Forming pressure
Downholder pressure
Water pressure

Network compatible (LAN)
Alarm outputs
Digital inputs
Tool history
Registration of total punch cycles
User interface



After a product change the system allows a faster readjustment of the new production parameters since you can resort to already determined parameters. This helps to:

increase your manufacturing efficiency
decrease rejects
all crucial process parameters on location
stability of production through reference data
improve product database

all relevant process parameters are visualized on location at one glance. If parameters exceed a user definable value, automatic warnings are generated. This enables the operator to eliminate faults efficiently.




The logged data can be saved together with product data. This makes production transparent for Quality assurance. Through the software it is possible to eval-uate the logged data later at any time. The data can be read selectively and there are tools to visualize it in mutual dependency. It is possible to provide evidence of the process at a specific period with hindsight. This helps with:

process control
process visualization
process security



Besides the integrated data logging facility it is also possible to keep track of the tool condition as well as maintenance data over the whole lifetime of the tool. Think of it as an electronic passport of your tool that allows you to overview the total production relevant history of a specific thermoform tool. This is a great help to keep your cost of maintenance down and weak points can be detected and eliminated efficiently and demonstrably. A management modul helps you to keep track of your tools.

Tool specific data (model, serial nr, etc)
Tool system parameters (min- and max values)
Grinding information
Maintenance operations (exchange of wearing parts)
Operating life (punch cycles)
Wear and tear parts
Modifications in construction
Tool management



Device to measure the length of a stack of pots with
integrated pot counter.

Detects quantity- and form defects with stackable thermoforming products


Measure stacked, round or rectangualar plastic pots up to a stack length of 850mm
Electronic pot counter via moving carrier plate and fork light barrier
Diameter ranging from 68 - 140 mm
12 hours mobil through built-in rechargeable battery pack
Very rigid construction for a long lifetime under rough production conditions
Robust linear bearings for precise function.
oddments storage space for products



We also offer the following services:

scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto
industrial analysis and research services
engineering services
design and development of computer hardware and software
development of programs for data processing
computer hardware and software consulting
providing, installing, maintaining and updating of computer software

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About us

Company details

This development equippes your thermoform tools with an automated data logging system thus giving insight into 3 main areas in your production chain:

process control
quality assurance

This practical and costeffective data logging system monitors your thermoform tool throughout the whole production run. The modular concept of soft and hardware offers great scalability and can satisfy even sophisticated customer requirements.
The product developer can compile specific sets of parameters for individual products for later use which helps you standardize your process.
The maintenance engineer is able to enhance the availability of the tool through precise information about its state.
The data logging system can be integrated into existing as well as new thermoform tools.

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