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  • 02  Semi-finished products,parts and reinforced plastics
  • 02.05  Products
  • 02.05.073  Valves


  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.007  Screen changers
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.008  Melt filters
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.010  Recycling plants
  •  Recycling plants for sorted waste

Recycling plants for sorted waste

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.08  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.08.007  Melt pumps

Melt pumps

Our products

Product category: Screen changers, Melt filters

BKG® HiCon™ R-Type 250 Recycling Filter

The contaminated melt flows through the fixed, cylindrical strainer tube from the inside out. The micro-conical holes provide efficient filtration of contaminated melt. The contaminants are separated from the melt and then scraped by a rotating blade shaft from the surface of the strainer tube. The cooled discharge screw removes the collected contaminants from the machine out. The speed of the blade shaft/discharge screw can be adjusted depending on the throughput, contaminat level and discharge rate, thus ensuring a continuous working process with a clean, open filtration area with low melt loss.

- Fully automatic self-cleaning
- Cylindrical, fixed strainer tubes
- Homogeneous cleaning by a variety adjustable scraper blades
- Autonomous control included heating control
- Hardware: Siemens Simatic SPS and HMI
- Analysis of melt pressure and temperature included in the standard delivery (incl. sensor)
- Optional recording of process data and remote maintenance

- Minimal melt loss
- Robust and low-wear design
- Constant melt pressure behind the filter
- No outlet side; minimum pressure required
- User-friendly handling: independent strainer tube can easily be changed by the operator
- Low operating costs through long service life and regeneration ability of the filter media
- No edge flow around the strainer tube

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Product category: Screen changers, Melt filters

BKG® HiCon™ V-Type 3G

The BKG® HiCon™ V-Type 3G is suitable for almost all processes and materials. It is used in processes with a high demand for pressure consistency (e.g. strap, film, fiber) as well as in processes with insufficient back pressure for backflushing (e.g. strand pelletizing). It is also suited for processes with a high proportion of contaminates (e.g. recycling). The system enables a continuous operation without any system shutdowns during screen change.

- Patented highly efficient backflushing through integrated POWER BACKFLUSH technology
- With the patented 4K-75-technology, three screen cavities (75%) remain available for filtration at all times during the process steps “backflush” and
“screen change”
- Optimized flow channel geometries (free of dead zones)
- Wear-free metallic sealing system – no additional seal required
- Easily integrated into the line controls

- All process steps are performed pressure- and volume-constant
- Patented POWER BACKFLUSH technology ensures highest efficiency and operates independently of the extrusion pressure
- Fully automated backflushing and venting procedure reduces operator intervention to a minimum
- Up to 200 backflushing cycles allow for a significant reduction in operating cost
- Four screen cavities provide a large filtration area in a comparably small housing, with only minimal backflushing amounts during the self-cleaning

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Product category: Screen changers, Melt filters

BKG® NorCon™ EH Slide Plate Screen Changer

From the worldwide leader in filtration equipment, Nordson offers the BKG® EH slide plate screen changers. Contamination of the melt stream by metal, wood, paper or internally generated black specks yields products that are unacceptable in appearance and/or performance. The EH slide plate screen changer represents the most technically advanced design of slide plate type screen changers. The EH line is suitable for processing a wide variety of thermoplastic applications ranging from sophisticated multiple layer thin film extrusion to the heavy demands of recycling.

- Bolt through extruder connection
- Extruder screw pull through
- Pressure activated sealing
- Fully guarded and electronically interlocked
- Optimized flow channel design

- Compact extruder interface
- Leak-free operation
- Fast shift screen changes optimize productivity
- Safe operation
- Optimized polymer rheology

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Company news




Sep 20, 2016

Automatically self-cleaning Sceen Changer has new, more streamlined and compact Design and cleans more efficiently

Nordson BKG® HiCon™ V-Type 3G with Power Backflush Technology Keeps Flow and Pressure Constant, Even While Removing Heavy Contaminants

MÜNSTER, GERMANY, August, 2016: Nordson Corporation has enhanced the design of its patented “power backflush” V-Type screen changer, creating a more compact and efficient system whose continuous operation eliminates downtime in extrusion, pelletizing, and recycling.

Nordson’s BKG® HiCon™ V-Type 3G screen changer uses a hydraulically powered backflush system to automatically remove contaminant while maintaining extrusion throughput and keeping flow and pressure constant. Operationally, the new screen changer is more streamlined and efficient than the earlier V-Type system from Nordson, with a 30% shorter backflush cycle. There is a higher degree of automation resulting from an autonomous parameterizing of the entire backflush procedure and of the screen change procedure, including filling and venting.

All of the filtration area of the combined four screen cavities is available for production while filling of the displacement-piston cylinder takes place. Two outlets for backflushed material are located on the bottom of the unit, with discharge automatically controlled by the movement of the screen-bearing pistons.

In comparison with the earlier V-Type system, the height of the new V-Type 3G screen changer has been reduced by 30%, permitting a lower extrusion height; a single displacement piston is used for backflushing instead of having one for each screen cavity; and hydraulic piping has been optimized.

“The HiCon V-Type 3G screen changer provides up to 200 backflushing cycles before screens must be changed, reducing operating costs,” said Christian Schroeder, global product manager for melt delivery products. “With four screen cavities making a large filtration area available in a comparatively small housing, only minimal amounts of material are lost in backflushing.”

In the HiCon V-Type 3G screen changer, melt flow from the extruder is split at the entry side and guided to the four screen cavities, two of which are located on each piston. Each pair of cavities is positioned so that they can filter their respective melt streams, until the piston removes one of the cavities from the process to remove contaminant buildup by means of backflushing. In normal operation, polymer is flowing through all four cavities. While one of the cavities is changed, the other three remain in the process.    

In addition to the two screen-bearing pistons, there is a single hydraulically actuated displacement piston that operates during backflushing. When the differential pressure across the screen changer increases to a pre-set level because of contaminant buildup, the backflush sequence for all cavities will be started automatically. For each cavity, the displacement piston retracts, creating a reservoir of filtered molten polymer. This material is hydraulically compressed and discharged in reverse direction, back through the screen, carrying away contaminant for removal from the system. The sequence is performed for each cavity one after the other.

“Our new backflush screen changer is suitable for almost all processes and materials,” said Mr. Schroeder, “including processes with strict requirements for constant pressure, such as strapping, film, fiber, and processes with insufficient back pressure for backflushing, such as strand pelletizing. It is also well suited for PET recycling material with a high proportion of contaminants.”

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Sep 20, 2016

Fundamentally new Filtration System for highly contaminated Plastics boosts Recycling Productivity and minimizes Melt Loss

Automatic Self-Cleaning BKG® HiCon™ R-Type 250 System from Nordson Maintains Constant Melt Pressure and Uses a Filter Element with a Long Working Life

MÜNSTER, GERMANY, July, 2016: A new melt filtration system for recycling highly contaminated plastics provides greater productivity than comparable machines on the market while maintaining constant melt pressure and product consistency, it was announced today by Nordson Corporation. The company will introduce the system at K 2016 (Hall 9, Stand A44/48).

Tradenamed BKG® HiCon™ R-Type 250, the Nordson Polymer Processing Systems (PPS) equipment transforms highly contaminated polyolefin or styrenic plastics into clean, high-quality material and exhibits less melt loss than with traditional backflush systems for highly contaminated plastics, according to Nordson PPS business unit director, Sven Conrad.

The central concept of the HiCon™ R-Type 250 system is unique. It involves the use of a cylindrical “separating head” with knives arranged on its surface in a helical pattern designed to move contaminant particles forward as the head rotates. Enclosing the head is a stationary filter element called a “strainer tube.” When contaminated melt from an entry port flows into the cylindrical space between the rotating head and the strainer tube, the knives capture the contaminant while the contaminant-free melt moves through the strainer into flow channels that lead to an exit port. At the same time, the rotating head turns a screw which guides the contaminated material through cooling sections and finally to where it is discharged into collecting bins.

“Nordson’s newest development cleans much more efficiently than commercial available filtration systems for highly contaminated polymers,” said Mr. Conrad. “The special design makes possible a uniform load on the strainer tube during the cleaning process, providing an extended lifetime for the filter and scrapers and increasing the overall efficiency of the system at far less melt loss.”

A powerful drive actuates the separation head / discharge-screw assembly. The HiCon™ R-Type 250 system operates at a maximum pressure of 350 bar and maximum temperature of 320 °C. Throughput can range from 500 to 1,500 kg/h. The rate depends on polymer viscosity, filtration fineness, levels of contamination, and other factors. As it exits the system, filtered polymer is maintained at a constant pressure, ensuring uniform processing downstream.

One key to the efficiency with which the HiCon™ R-type 250 system removes contaminants is the design of the steel strainer tubes, which are available with micro-holes ranging from 120 to 750 microns. The holes are conical in shape, permitting passage of molten polymer while preventing blockage by contaminant. This design and the symmetrically positioned knives in the drum contribute to the long working life of the tube before it needs to be replaced. Once cleaned, moreover, the tube can be reused.

Replacing a strainer tube is facilitated by a built-in swiveling arm for removing the strainer tube housing, and by a hand-operated hydraulic device for disassembling it. To ensure uninterrupted production, it is possible to operate two HiCon™ R-type 250 systems in parallel.

“A network of several Siemens SIMATIC control and monitoring units contributes to the high level of automation and ease of use that distinguish the HiCon™ R-type 250 system,” said Rolf Schultheis, Nordson PPS manager of electrical engineering. “The Siemens control system is intuitive, instantly providing a visualization of all process parameters. The onboard Ethernet / Profibus interface opens the possibility of integrating communication with other devices, collecting and recording production data, and even performing remote maintenance.”

HiCon™ R-type  melt filtration systems are available from Nordson worldwide. The company offers localized sales and technical support services in countries around the world. Other Nordson brands of interest to recyclers include Nordson PPS melt pumps, Xaloy™ extruder screws and barrels, and BKG™ pelletizers.

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Nordson PPS GmbH is a leading manufacturer of BKG® HiCon™ and NorCon™ Melt Filtration Systems, BKG® BlueFlow™ Gear Pumps and BKG® HyFlex™ Polymer Valves.

Since the launch of these pioneering product lines, Nordson has created a standard of excellence in the extrusion and polymerization markets. Nordson remains committed to the changing needs of customers by developing innovative products that have resulted in performance improvements and increased production. These products range from the introduction of the first two screen bearing piston style screen changer back in 1967 to the next-generation gear pump in 2016 that meets the needs of the most challenging applications the market faces today. Through engagement with customers, the company has also made numerous advancements in providing customers with a wide range of sizes and innovative designs to meet the evolving needs of every processor.

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Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries

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