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Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.005  Extrusion lines for compounding
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.006  Pelletizers
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.02  Machinery and plant for processing
  • 03.02.001  Extruders and extrusion lines
  •  Extruders
  •  Twin screw extruders
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Integrated automation
  • 03.07.005  Packaging technology for moulded parts and semifinished products
  •  Equipment for palletizing

Our products

Product category: Twin screw extruders

ZSK 58 Mc18 - New compact design of the successful ZSK Mc18

At K 2016 we will present a new, compact version of the successful ZSK Mc18 extruder. The advanced development of this series focuses on a compact design that leads to a reduced space requirement and further handling improvements achieved by implementing a new control cabinet, for example.

The extruder that will be presented at K has a screw diameter of 58 mm. It is equipped with a user-friendly control system, which can be easily integrated into our customers' Industry 4.0 environments.

In order to feed simply and accurately, the ZSK twin screw extruder has been equipped with a K2-ML-D5-S60 high-accuracy single screw loss-in-weight feeder from Coperion K-Tron. It yields feed rates of 0.115 to 4,500 dm³/h, and is ideal for free flowing bulk materials such as powders or granules. The ZS-B twin screw side feeder is equipped with a K-CL-SFS-KT20 compact gravimetric twin screw feeder. The feeder can be used for free flowing to very poorly flowing powders (e.g. lumpy, moist or bridge building materials). It yields feed rates of 0.1 to 200 dm³/h.

Our ZSK Mc18 twin screw extruder series with a maximum specific torque of 18 Nm/cm3 has been successful for many years. Extremely high throughput rates, optimum product quality and a wide range of applications are further advantages of the ZSK Mc18.

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Product category: Twin screw extruders, Extrusion lines for compounding

Twin Screw Extruder ZSK Mc18

The twin scew extruder ZSK Mc18 with its torque of 18 Nm/cm³ unites a huge number of superlatives: With a torque increase of 30 % in comparison with its predecessor, the ZSK MEGAcompounder PLUS, the ZSK Mc18 enters new throughput rate dimensions. It achieves up to 100 % greater throughput rates and therefore ensures maximum productivity.

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Product category: Twin screw extruders

STS 35 Mc11 - STS Mc11 designed for masterbatch production

At K 2016 we will present the extruder series STS Mc11 with a series of improvements to make handling even easier. Besides a new manifold with coaxial solenoid valves, the new twin screw extruder features improved heat covers, quick-release clamps for the simple, quick replacement of the feed hoppers as well as the CSpro basic control system.

The new STS 35 Mc11 (screw diameter 35mm) was developed for color masterbatch applications. A new die head that was specially developed for compounding color masterbatches and allows the strands to flow evenly, with virtually no pockets. In order to feed the pigments simply and precisely, the STS 35 Mc11 has been equipped with a T35 volumetric twin screw loss-in-weight feeder from Coperion K-Tron. It yields feeding rates of 1.25 to 2,500 dm³/h, which are ideal for powder and materials that are difficult to feed or sticky. The feeder is attached to a turntable above the gearbox for simple, flexible handling, easy accessibility and quick cleaning.

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Product category: Twin screw extruders

Twin Screw Extruder STS Mc11

With its specific torque of 11.3 Nm/cm3, the STS Mc11 for the first time is part of Coperion’s industry-proven ZSK MEGAcompounder patented design. This new generation of the STS boasts a considerable increase in throughput with improved product quality. 

The STS Mc11 series covers most standard applications in process technology. It offers high productivity at an attractive price-performance ratio. Production of the STS Mc11 is in Nanjing, China, in compliance with CE directives. The result: A high-performance compounding system with low investment costs which ensures a fast return on investment.

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Product category: Twin screw extruders, Extrusion lines for compounding

Compounding plants

Coperion GmbH has set itself the strategic aim of strengthening its position in the market for complete turnkey plants for the plastics industry. Its two Competence Centers – Materials Handling and Compounding & Extrusion – together constitute a unique concentration of competence, know-how and experience in the fields of bulk materials handling and compounding for the plastics industry. This means, in other words, that Coperion possesses outstanding know-how for all process stages along the entire value chain in the plastics industry. Moreover, Coperion supplies all key components for the entire process. Experienced personnel in Project Management and Engineering ensure that every plant comes up to customers' expectations in terms of delivery, cost and performance. Coperion has also adapted its organization to its strategic aims and can respond to the ever increasing number of customers' enquiries concerning turnkey installations quickly and competently.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for compounding

ZV rotary valve

The rotary valve ZV for pellets – proven since 25 years – has been re-engineered and optimised
Coperion is introducing the reengineered and optimized ZV rotary valve at K 2016. The feed has been redesigned and the effective feed area enlarged. This has increased the maximum feed-in power. An increase of up to 15% is possible, especially in smaller sizes. This increase in power is achieved with consistently good operating characteristics (minimum number of cut grains and smooth running).

Also the noise caused by leakage gas expansion, which is the main source of sound in high-pressure airlocks (up to 3.5 bar differential pressure), has been reduced considerably by a new design of the expansion opening. Furthermore, the transformation of the elongated opening to a pipe connection was integrated in the cast. In addition to a reduction in the noise created, an adapter piece is no longer required. Now the ZV airlock also has a pipe connection that meets the standard.

The Finite Element Method (FEM) was used to calculate the cast housing, which optimized its rigidity while reducing the mass at the same time. This allows a narrow gap between the rotary valve and the housing, resulting in a low gas leak rate, which minimizes energy loss when the ZV pellet rotary valve are operated.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for compounding

GAMMA-BEND NT - Newly developed deflector elbow for material transport

At K 2016 we will be presenting for the first time our newly developed deflector elbow GAMMA-BEND NT for material transport. The special geometry of the bend avoids any kind of product slipping along the external wall and therefore basically prevents the formation of angel-hair. As a result of the special geometric design as a sectional elbow, the pellet grains only come into brief contact with the elbow wall and are transported directly to the next section without needing to glide at all. Also here the GAMMA-BEND NT offers advantages through its special geometry, as the short contact time of the pellets drastically reduces the creation of dust.

The GAMMA-BEND NT is universally usable in all positions, as emptying is done reliably without residues. This is particularly important for product changes.

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Product category: Pelletizers

New UG 750W underwater pelletizer - Increased wear protection

At K 2016, Coperion will be presenting the UG 750W underwater pelletizer for producing polyolefins. Capable of achieving throughputs of 60 to 70 t/h, the new pelletizer covers the medium capacity range. The pelletizer's large die plate will be manufactured from a newly developed material which is highly resistant to both abrasion and corrosion and can double service life.

The new UG 750W pelletizer is an economically attractive solution which bridges the existing gap in capacity between the UG750 with its maximum throughput of 55 t/h, which is very widely used in PE applications, and the very much larger UG1000 for throughputs of up to 82 t/h. The system thus makes use of components which have proven themselves over many years.

At K 2016 the die plate on display will be produced from a new wear protection material NikroDur. In comparison with conventional ferro-titanite, this metal matrix composite produced by powder metallurgy has at least 50% higher wear resistance combined with more than one third higher corrosion resistance. In pilot applications, using this new material has doubled service life in comparison with the previous state of the art.

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Product category: Pelletizers

Strand pelletizer SP500 HD

Strand pelletizers are in use for the processing of the melted polymer to cylindrical, dry and easy to handle plastics pellets.

The dual side bearings for the strand pelletizer SP500 HD provides maximum sturdity of cutting gap and high cutting quality even under highest work load. The working width amounts 500 mm and the throughput is up to 6,300 kg/h.

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Product category: Equipment for palletizing

Packaging System ITL 250 - Intelligent FFS Packaging Machine ITL 250

The FFS Packaging Machine ITL 250 with automated features provides accurate weighing, ideal dosing and hygienic packaging for crystalline, granular, beaded or flaked goods.

Due to a variety of new design details, this machine now works even more efficiently than the previous model. The new conical shape of the loading hopper assures less dead zones and better cleanability. Faster and more accurate dosing can be achieved by the new, servo-actuated gravity feeder. Furthermore, the machine will be equipped with a vacuum pump, instead of a venturi system, which results in better vacuum flow for moisture sensitive products and improved bag shaping. Additional design improvements include a new body frame with motorized reel unwinder, new filling spout, motorized pivoting arms and outlet conveyor. Together, all these enhancements ensure more efficient and reliable operation.

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Product category: Equipment for palletizing

Packaging Systems from Coperion

Fully integrated packaging systems from Coperion - weighing, bagging & palletizing
Complete packaging solutions - easy to operate, very flexible, adaptable to a wide range of products and easy to maintain for a variety of industries:

- Plastics
- Food
- Fertilizers

Our packaging equipment is specially designed for free flowing granular bulk materials and includes all required features to reliably manage bulk density variations and cross contamination.
They combine all functions like weighing, bagging, marking, qualifying and palletising in one single unit.

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Company news




Jun 22, 2016

New packaging lines for SABIC in Pontirolo/Italy

Stuttgart, June 2016 – Based on many years of cooperation between SABIC and Coperion in plastic compounding – specifically material handling and extrusion – SABIC has decided to install six Coperion packaging lines and a common palletizing island at their plant in Pontirolo/Italy.

SABIC Italy is the market leader for small lots of plastic compounds with highly customized properties requiring specialized process technologies. Since the beginning of the packaging lines project, the main goals were extreme flexibility and quick cleaning as well as continuous tracking via bar codes linked to the various recipes. The challenge was to install six fully automatic, robotized and flexible lines for valve bags while fulfilling the goals described above. Being a prototype concept plant, Coperion applied years of experience in this field during the design process with SABIC, building a dummy prototype in the first phase before proceeding to installation and startup of all six lines.

The bags, positioned in a double stack magazine, are placed in filling position by robotized integrated pick and place arms. The machines are fed easily via bins that are placed above the machines and automatically connected to a gravity feeding funnel. Operation of the bin valve is also completely automatic. The entire process is guided via barcode readers, which identify the product batch, automatically setting all parameters on the relevant bagging machine as well as the labeling. Operators may easily identify what batch is bagged in each line via maxi LCD screens which function as remote displays for the main operator interface.

The machines are placed in two rows, allowing the operator to survey the bin area and perform cleaning or maintenance tasks safely and easily. All the equipment, including the bag magazine, is designed to be moved away for quick cleaning and easy maintenance without having to interfere with the rest of the system, which remains in operation. The robotized arms remain fixed to the main steel structure. Once filled, the bags are transported via several conveyors arranged in a customized layout, fulfilling all CE requirements in terms of safety as regards interlocking and design. Finally, the bags arrive at the palletizing island, after passing a further integrated check via an online barcode, ensuring that each batch goes to the right pallet. In the palletizing area two robots with four axes provide a flexible palletizing layout with real time measurement of bag height via integrated laser control.

With the successful realization of this project Coperion demonstrates their full commitment to being the ideal partner along the entire process chain in compounding as well as packaging, working closely with the customer in identifying and applying customized requirements.

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Jun 14, 2016

Patent for 5A Kneading Blocks successfully defended

Stuttgart, June 2016 – Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany, has successfully defended the European patent protecting its ZSK series twin screw extruder with 5A kneading blocks in the final instance before the Board of Appeals responsible at the European Patent Office. 5A kneading blocks are used in many of the high-performance twin screw extruders of the ZSK series from Coperion.

The 5A kneading blocks protected by EP patent number 1 508 424 B2 have been proven to prevent the torsional vibration occurring in high performance extruders. These extruders are often stimulated in the resonance frequency, that may lead to cracked shafts or coupling malfunctions. To counter these effects, Coperion developed kneading blocks that can help to reduce the stimulating forces. Coperion owns said patent for the 5A kneading blocks and in April 2016, the company was able to successfully defend it. Since registering the patent in 2003, Coperion has primarily used the 5A kneading blocks for large-scale machines to avoid possible damage.

Coperion also holds patents for the 5A kneading blocks in China, Japan, India and Taiwan.

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May 11, 2016

Coperion delivers compounding plants to BASF in South Korea

Stuttgart, May 2016 – In the past decade, Coperion GmbH in Stuttgart has delivered, installed and launched several compounding plants for BASF to manufacture engineering plastics. For a new compounding plant in South Korea, BASF relied once again on Coperion’s expertise; in September of 2015, the plant was handed over within the contractually agreed timeframe. Since then, BASF has been successfully processing polyamides of the highest quality.

Planning and implementation of the entire plant, all under one roof
Coperion delivered the entire production facility to BASF. The project scope included planning, assembly and start-up as well as verification of guaranteed performance data under production conditions. Moreover, the scope of supply and performance included all equipment and structures to be installed. The entire utility supply was also included in the scope of the project, encompassing not only electricity, but also compressed air, exhaust air purification and pelletizing water circulation, including cooling. All applicable standards and legal regulations for the construction and operation of compounding facilities in South Korea were observed throughout the project.

Throughout the compounding plant, proven Coperion processes and components are used for energy-efficient conveying of raw materials. New to this plant is the use of high-precision Coperion K-Tron feeders. These ensure continuous precise feeding of raw materials according to a predetermined formula into the heart of each line – the high-performance ZSK twin screw extruder. Following subsequent pelletization and drying, the finished product is carefully transported to the product silos. From there, the pellets are fed into the fully automated IBP 250 FFS bagging and palletizing system, which handles weighing, filling, marking, testing, and palletizing processes in a single unit. During the planning of the facility, careful attention was paid to ensure that all steps in the process were optimally coordinated.

Coperion as a reliable global partner — global network with optimal utilization of local resources
Coperion established a specialized team ten years ago for just such projects. The team is composed of specialists from several international company locations who complement each other in process and plant planning, project management, and coordination of the assembly as well as the start-up. Using this global network ensures that the best possible solutions are realized – always taking local circumstances and opportunities into account – for clients at every location around the globe.

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Coperion is the international market and technology leader in compounding systems, feeding technology,bulk materials handling systems and services. Coperion designs, develops, manufactures and maintains systems, machines and components for the plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and minerals industries. Within its four divisions – Compounding & Extrusion, Equipment & Systems, Materials Handling and Service – Coperion has 2,500 employees and nearly 40 sales and service companies worldwide. Coperion K-Tron is a brand of Coperion.

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