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Fire protection agents

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Product category: Fire protection agents

Product information

Whether your goal is to improve performance, reduce costs, increase safety, or become more efficient, TOLSA can help you with our range of flame retardant synergists ADINS. This family of special additives is based on a breakthrough proprietary technology using natural silicates. ADINS combines a very high surface area and special morphology with a tailored functionalization which provides adaptable solutions.

ADINS technology is an affordable solution for different challenges in various polymeric matrices, including thermoplastics, coatings and other thermosets. Despite nanotechnology broken promises from the industrial point of view, our commercial products allow performance improvement in a cost-effective basis, safety handling, high reproducibility of results and easy scalability.

One of ADINS main features is that works synergetically with most flame retardants included in polymeric systems, such as hydroxides, intumescent or halogen solutions. Smoke and Heat Release are considerably reduced using ADINS clay series in fire retardant formulations. In addition, ADINS products strongly boost char formation during combustion and protect polymers from further fire propagation. ADINS Fireproof provides ceramic char for high end security applications. This technology shows the advantages of being an inorganic halogen-free technology, which guarantees no additional toxic fumes formation and a minimal environment impact.

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About us

Company details

TOLSA is a longstanding global company specialized in the extraction and process of sepiolite, bentonite and atapulgite clays. Our success is based on the complete integration of all key processes, which are carried out in the 12 countries in which we operate.

Our clays are processed and manufactured for a variety of applications including Flame Retardants, Biocides, Mechanical and other properties for the plastics industry, plus some other industrial applications related to rheology as drilling, foundry or animal feed, among others.

Our 19 logistic platforms together with our 10 manufacturing centers and 11 sales offices accumulate a deep expertise, which in addition to an international team of more than 850 highly qualified professionals from more than 18 countries, ensures our leadership position in the special clays sector.

TOLSA’s international scope is what allows us to offer throughout the world a wide range of products. From Turkey to the United States, passing through Argentina, our products travel the world to be used wherever they are needed.

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