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Extrusion lines for pipes and profiles

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Product category: Extrusion lines for pipes and profiles

Technology for PVC O pipe manufacturing

Molecor® offers the technology for PVC O pipe manufacturing adapted to any specific need, technical requirement and market standard.

For that purpose, Molecor® builds long term relationships with its clients to back up every phase of the project, before, during and after the industrial technology implementation.

The Molecor® technology produces class 500 PVC-O pipes, the highest, in line with the extruder, obtaining the best mechanical properties in an efficiently and economically way.

The technology developed by Molecor® meets the requirements of various international standards. What is more, those projects that do not comply with a listing of standards are supported during the certification and standardization processes when required.

The Molecor® exclusive technology enables the manufacture of PVC-O pipes with the greatest degree of orientation, class 500, achieving the maximum savings, of around 50%, according to specific local criteria.

The improved mechanical properties of the PVC-O allow its production with lower consumption of raw material versus pipes with the same requirements of working pressure.

TOM® PVC-O pipes are a product developed exclusively with the Molecor® innovative technology that provides the highest molecular orientation. The manufacturing process is continuous and completely automatic, which ensures the maximum product reliability.

TOM® is the best solution for the conveyance of water at medium and high pressure for irrigation systems, drinking water supply, reuse, industrial or fire protection lines, among other uses. The extraordinary technical advances of the manufacturing system of Molecor® confer the TOM® oriented PVC pipe significant improvements.

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Aug 4, 2016

PVC-O pipelines for recycled water conveyance. Recycled water supply for irrigation in Coslada, Madrid, Spain

Irrigation is one of the main applications of the conveyance of water, both for agriculture and for irrigation of parks and gardens. In Spain, it represents a very important sector, with strong demand for the total volume of water supplied. In recent years it has become particularly important because of the shortage of water. To use reclaimed water for this purpose it is necessary to develop a comprehensive network of reclaimed water.


Canal de Isabel II began an ambitious plan to reuse the water of Madrid, with an investment of over 200 million euros and which affected more than 30 wastewater treatment plants, in these plants two separate tertiary treatment would be built for the regeneration of part of its effluents. The water will help to water parks and to clean the streets of more than 50 municipalities of the 179 available in the region. In addition, the water will serve to irrigate more than 20 golf courses, and some industries will benefit also from this resource because the price of reclaimed water would be less than the one destined for human consumption.

The goal of the project for this city was to substitute the ductile iron water network by a PVC-O one that could be able to provide a maximum flow of 147.5 l/s solving, at the same time, gravity and pumping deficiencies. Regarding gravity the PVC-O conveyance system should provide a proper service to 21 consumption points distributed in 20 different sections in four axes.


Molecor® reviewed the sizing of the pipes, setting the initial layout to the real irrigation needs and dimensioning, at the same time, the concrete anchors in certain changes of direction. Likewise, Molecor® provided technical assistance during the execution of the works.
The solution provided by the company for the city of Coslada, Madrid, Spain, within the Dpura Project run by the Canal of Isabel II consisted of the implementation of PVC-O networks in three different divisions:

Driving adduction between the pumping station at the outlet of the WWTP treatment and the new reclaimed water tank with a capacity of 5,500 m3. In this part, Molecor® participated with its TOM® PVC-O pipe DN 400 mm PN 16 atm, for a length of 3,450 meters and a vertical drop of 115 meters head.
Branched distribution network by gravity from the reclaimed water tank to 21 consumption points. In this part, the material used was TOM® pipe in DN 110-200-250-315-400 mm and PN 16 atm, for a total length of 7,665 m, with 20 sections distributed in 4 axes and a maximum flow rate network 147.5 l/s.
Branched distribution network drive from the reclaimed water tank to 25 consumption points. In this part, Molecor® provided its TOM® PVC-O pipe in DN 110-160-200-250-315 and 400 mm and PN 16 atm, for a total length of 7,612 m, with 31 sections distributed in 8 axes, and a maximum network flow 121.5 l/s.


With the contribution of Molecor® in this part of the project, the maximum fluid speed flow increased with TOM® PVC-O pipes in relation to the previous ductile iron network. For example, in the adduction network, in which DN400 mm pipes are used, this flow speed for PVC-O is 1,276 m/s versus 1,090 l/s of the ductile iron pipes. Likewise, the total load loss accumulated, both in the new adduction system to the reservoir, and in the distribution networks by gravity and pressure, is lower in the case of PVC-O. This lower load loss leads to a remarkable reduction of the energy used for pumping the water throughout the lifetime of the network. In this way a higher efficiency in the use of energy resources is achieved and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere are reduced, thus the contribution to the greenhouse effect is smaller.

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Aug 3, 2016

Molecor© will be present in the Conference Plastic Pipes XVIII

Molecor© will attend the Plastic Pipes XVIII Conference, the most important international conference of plastic pipes, which will take place from 12th to 14th  September in the German capital, Berlin.

During this Conference many industry professionals of the plastic industry will meet: pipes manufacturers, machinery and raw materials suppliers, installers and organizations related to the sector, with the aim of sharing ideas and experiences to promote the use of beneficial technics for the plastic pipes systems.

There are numerous challenges in the future for the companies that belong to the plastic industry to face. Therefore, there is a big necessity of innovating and finding increasingly efficient and profitable solutions.

Molecor© in its pursuit to contribute as much as possible to a sustainable development of the plastic industry, and as a consequence of its high capacity of innovation, has attained important technical breakthroughs.  The company will present them in this meeting in front of 450 attendants from 40 different countries.

Thanks to contributions as Molecor© ones, in the next ten years it is expected a growth that will double the current one for what it is essential that the different companies of the sector continue investing  efforts and innovation.

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Jul 21, 2016

Molecor widens the range of its pipes and launches into the market the new Oriented PVC Pipe DN125 mm

The company increases in this way the possibilities of networks design, with diameters that guarantee effectivity in pressure and the required flow, with the corresponding saving in costs.
The company already achieved an important milestone becoming the worldwide pioneer in the manufacturing of Oriented PVC Pipes of DN 500, 630 and 800 mm. Since its foundation and in order to be a world reference in technology for piping network, Molecor© has a clear commitment to innovation, research and development to provide innovative solutions and to meet the challenges that the water supply market presents nowadays.

The molecular orientation process, provides the TOM® Pipe with exceptional mechanical and hydraulic characteristics compared to other materials pipelines existing in the market. We can highlight among them: its higher hydraulic capacity, enabling the conveyance of higher volumes of water for the same diameter; its lightness, that makes unnecessary the use of machinery up to big diameters, and being easily  manipulated and installed till DN 250 mm; its better behaviour in water hammer due to its lower celerity and its excellent impact resistance.

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Jul 3, 2016

TOM Oriented PVC (PVC-O) pipe, the pipe with the best environmental footprint for irrigation networks

Molecular orientation provides the TOM® PVC-O Pipes with significant advantages in product quality, installation and use. They offer a more respectful behaviour with the environment and better environmental footprint than pipes made of other materials, contributing to the sustainable development of the planet and optimizing the natural resources consumption.

The environmental impact of a piping system depends on its composition and on the application thereof. The main factors that determinate the efficiency throughout the pipes life cycle are: the type of raw material used, the manufacturing process, the quality of the finished product and its useful life.

The Life Cycle Analysis has shown that the environmental impact of plastic pipes systems is considerably lower than the systems made of other traditional materials.

TOM® Pipes calculation has been done following the European Comission recommendations related to the calculation of the Product Environmental Footprint (HAP-PEF). For that reason, the behaviour of these pipes has been analyzed in fourteen different environmental impacts. Among them we can find: the climate change, the depletion of the ozone layer and of the natural resources and its effects on human health.

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About us

Company details

Molecor® is a leader company specialized in the development of the latest technology applying molecular orientation to pipeline solutions with astonishing mechanical properties. Founded in 2006 by highly skilled engineers in this field, with a proven experience in the plastic pipe division, this revolutionary developed process provides reliable and user friendly systems that widen the pipe global business possibilities. Molecor® activity is developed in two divisions, Molecor Tech and Molecor Canalizaciones, with an effective connection which results in mutual benefits.

The capability of simultaneous engineering with our customers allows us to accelerate the “time to market” for our new product design and developments. As a result of this effort, our products have surpassed the most demanding implemented tests and are able to provide a longer working life under the most extreme conditions.

Technical and human quality and commitment of pollution prevention are key elements in the activity and business of Molecor®.

Our aim, is to satisfy our clients and to develop efficient internal processes, while maintaining the commitment to the environment and prevention of pollution, and consequently it is implemented an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004 standards for the Manufacture of PVC-O Pipes for the conveyance of fluids under pressure.

Furthermore, Molecor® ensures the highest quality of its technology in compliance with various international standards and certificates for Molecor TOM® PVC-O pipe in Spain and France.

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