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Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.07  Integrated automation
  • 03.07.002  Material handling
  •  Conveyors (except factory trucks and carts)
  •  Belt conveyors

Our products

Product category: Belt conveyors

Curved modular chain conveyor AM-C

The curved AM-C with plastic modular chain is the right solution to convey products through a curve without a change to their orientation on the belt. The model can be made to measurement for any angle between 15 and 180° that has to be bridged.

It comes in a very slim design. Because of the small inner radius it can be used in confined spaces. The frame is only 18 mm wider than the chain itself. Also at the deflecting roller, the brackets only add 44 mm of width. The whole height including the chain is only 95 mm.

In 4 to 6 days the AM-C can be produced in 4 different chain widths between 147 and 607 mm.

Ist plastic modular chain can be easily cleaned and is especially hard wearing. Any broken or worn links can be exchanged individually, which allows rapid maintenance.

Before and after the curved part itself, a straight part should always be planned in to guarantee a smooth running of the belt. The minimum length is 500 mm each. Longer straight distances can of course also be included in the layout.

With the wide range of GEPPERT accessories available, the AM-C can easily be adapted to almost any specific need. You will find more information on available accessories under the column "Lot of Accessories".

The equip the AM-C with a support system, we reccomend to use the two legged aluminium design as shown on this page. It is infinitely adjustable in height and should be used in a number corresponding with the total length of the system.

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Product category: Belt conveyors

Flat belt conveyor in aluminium GAL-25

The flat belt conveyor GAL-25 is a classic part of the GEPPERT programme of standard belt conveyors. On request it can be produced within 24 hours.

With its extremely small deflecting roller of only 30 mm diameter it is specially well suited for transport of small items, that have to move from one belt to the next.

It is also available in a magnetic version with a belt width of up to 200 mm. In this version the frame is magnetic, not the belt. The driving and deflecting roller are also non-magnetic.

The GAL-25 has a very rigid Monobloc quality TorsioDur frame.

It is available both in standard sizes and custom made for specific problem solutions. On both sides of the 25 mm high aluminium frame and along its whole length, additional accessories can be fastened by the aid of sliding blocks with an M-6 thread.

In any size of up to 400 mm width and 1.500 mm length it can be held by a pivotable single column support with an aluminium ground plate.

For larger belt widths and in longer versions the conveyor is equipped with the appropriate number of aluminium double supports.

Both support systems are adjustable in height and have a vertical position lock.

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Product category: Belt conveyors

Flat belt conveyor GF-80-RDG

The flat belt conveyor GF-80-RDG is equipped with a round wire linked belt. It is especially suitable for transporting extremely hot items. Due to its mechanical load capacity offers a good alternative for the transport of sharp-edged metals.

The GF-80-RDG, equipped with our standard linked belt made of stainless steel, is available in widths from 100 - 400 mm and can be delivered within 24 hours.

The frame with a height of 80 mm consists of a quality steel profile with shockresistant two-component coating. Holes with an interval of 30 mm and a diameter of 9 mm serve to mount accessories. Thus, the GF-80-RDG can be adjusted to individual needs. You will find more information on available accessories under the column "Lot of Accessories".

With a belt conveyor length of up to 1,500 mm and a width of up to 400 mm, the GF-80-RDG can be used with a pillar stand.

Wider and longer designs of the GF-80-RDG are equipped with the required amount of steel double stands.

All stand systems are adjustable in height and equipped with a vertical position lock.

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About us

Company details

On the market since 1967, we are among the leading manufacturers of conveyor belts up to 18 metres long for indoor use. We offer an extensive range of products oriented toward the wide variety of customer requirements and sectors:

Flat, inclined, flexible and Z-shaped conveyor belts made from aluminium, steel and high grade steel, with a wide variety of equipment and an extensive range of accessories.

Strong emphasis is also placed on individual solutions to problems. If desired, the conveyor belts may be designed such that they can be flexibly integrated into existing production processes.

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