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Véronique OGEE

Marketing, sales, advertising, PR

115 rue J.M. Jacquard
76330 Notre Dame de Gravenchon, France

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Pierre-Yves SILVERT

Executive board/managing director
Business, corporate or plant management

115 rue J.M. Jacquard
76330 Notre Dame de Gravenchon, France

+33 2 32841420

+33 2 35382918


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.006  Pelletizers


  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.06  Moulds and dies
  • 03.06.003  Extrusion dies
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.08  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.08.011  Mould and die cleaning equipment

Mould and die cleaning equipment

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.10  Parts and components
  • 03.10.006  Machine blades

Machine blades

Our products

Product category: Pelletizers

Knife holders

ACE Series knife holders :

Most of the cutting quality or knife breakage problems are provoked by low performance knife-holder equipment. AMN ACE series are the solution you were looking for.

Inventor of the self-aligning knife holder in 1995, AMN offers an efficient solution to the problems of loss of pellet cutting performance.

Combining self-alignment and robustness, this knife holder is flexible and light. Easy to handle, it is a factor of productivity gains.

ACE knife-holders have no competitors when safety, reliability, and pellet cutting quality are on the top of your preoccupations.

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Product category: Extrusion dies

Pelletizing die plates and debottlenecking system

1- HOW Series pelletizing die plates :

Inventor of the tungsten carbide cylinder cutting face in 1978, AMN is the only skilled manufacturer to master this surface.

Reliable and resistant, our exceptional quality finishing high-tech die plates match performances and longevity.

With design ranging from 1000 Kg/H to 80 tons/H, they outperform any other type of die plates in terms of uninterrupted production periods.

Our die plates insure both dry and wet start-ups efficiency, due to their unrivalled contribution to heating homogeneity.

1.1- Manifold

Optimized die plate heating homogeneity cannot be obtained with our competitors’ standard design.

AMN brings you a unique approach with its special oil and steam manifolds, resulting in exceptional die plate performance in terms of start-up, limitation of die plate freezing and pellet quality.

AMN manifolds, combined with our unique HOW die plate designs, are the long term heating solution you will not find in any other die plate manufacturer’s range of products.

2- DAW Series compounding pelletizing die plates :

Since its creation in the 1970’s, Amn always continued to innovate in the field of polymer cutting for petrochemicals groups. It now puts its technology to the service of the compounders.

Reliable and competitive, the DAW compound series die plates offer an exceptional life span. They are the result of the technology Amn has developed for the production of high tonnages.

3- R2D2 Debottlenecking system :

Facing the continuous needs of production capacity increase, this high technology concept, reliable and economical, is a quick and effective alternative adaptable to any type of extruder.

This concept, interchangeable, allows you to switch back to your initial equipment since it does not need any particular modification on the machinery.

For all of your production increase projects, our R2D2 system will be the essential element to take over the increasing of the polymer flow.

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Product category: Mould and die cleaning equipment

Mould and die cleaning equipment

Die Plate and thermosensitive equipment cleaning process.

AMN has developed a specific cleaning procedure which is especially adapted to all types of internally heated die plates and to thermosensitive or fragile equipment.

Besides the cleaning by oven, with precise control of temperature, AMN also performs a sand blasting of all the surfaces of the equipment and erases all pollution risks which can be due to carbonized polymer in the production holes or areas difficult to access.

For equipment working with hot oil, AMN realizes a cleaning of the heating circuit before the cleaning by oven to avoid the oil crystallization and the plugging risks.

A complete expertise is done before and after each cleaning by different nondestructive tests (dye penetrant test with UV lamp, sealing test, etc.).

The expertise is validated by checking reports.

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Product category: Machine blades

Pelletizer knives

√ BMS Series :

These bi metal knives, developed by Amn in 1993, have brought a revolution in the control of underwater cutting.

Resistant and reliable, they are adapted to any type of polymer and extruder for low to medium flow rates per hour.


√ SBX Series :

AMN developed these new high performance knife profiles in 1999.

Upmarket of the Amn knife series, they are especially designed for underwater cutting of difficult polymers for very high flow rates per hour.

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About us

Company details

AMN is specialized in the conception and manufacturing of die-plates, knives and knife-holders as well as in associated technical services. We provide equipment suitable for all the major brands of extruders; Coperion - Werner & Pfleiderer, JSW, Kobe, Farrel, Pomini, Gala, Berstorff, Black Clawson...

Our company has been serving the pelletizing industry for over 31 years and is present in 38 countries around the world. Some of our largest customers include LyondellBasell Industries, Ineos, ExxonMobil, Borealis, Total Petrochemicals,
CP Chem, Formosa.

AMN's headquarters and production facilities are located in France. Our office in Houston, Texas, serves our customers on the American continent. AMN globally provides full after sales service, maintenance, technical assistance and training.

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Company data

Sales volume

5 - 20 Mill. US $

Export content

> 75%

Number of employees

31 - 100



Area of business

Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries

Target groups

Plastic product manufacturing