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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.02  Machinery and plant for processing
  • 03.02.001  Extruders and extrusion lines
  •  Extruders
  •  Multiple screw extruders

Our products

Product category: Multiple screw extruders

SZW Single-screw Extruder

A single-screw excluder extruder is an equipment essential to for various molding such as film and sheet molding, tube and pipe molding, profile molding, corrugated molding, spinning equipment, and melt feed for the multi-screw extruder, as well as pellet molding.

The functionality of molded products is enhanced by multi-layered, multi-colored molding, and the value can be added to the product. The quality of molded products is improved by the extrusion molding machine with stabilized extrusion accuracy. Our SZW series single-screw extruder can be used for all kinds of applications because of the flexible engineering and production for high discharge capability and stabilized precision extrusion molding. It can be combined with auxiliary equipment and used as part of an integrated molding system or a standalone extruder machine.

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Product category: Multiple screw extruders

MFU - KZW - ZRO Twin-screw Extruder

Our lineup of twin-screw extruders ranges from 6 mm to 134 mm in diameter for screws in the 15 series as the standard grade. In our small twin-screw extruders, which are only available from us, easy replacement of screws allows an increase in the molding of samples.

The MFU・KZW・ZRO series twin-screw extruder, which is manufactured from abundant process data and engineering data based on our unique design philosophy, provides a reduction in running costs and energy consumption, as well as a reduction in development time. Our original drive unit (patent granted) has standard high power specifications, which allows direct molding. The combination of a maximum of 150 different screw segments and L/D allows virtually unlimited configurations of screw design, and we can provide the most appropriate screw design based on our abundant molding data.

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Product category: Multiple screw extruders

Eight & Four Screw Extruder

WDR series Eight & Four Screw Extruder (US patented) has developed and manufactured as an innovative extrusion machine for uncapable extrusion contents by the traditional way; not only by single screw extruder but also by twin screw extruder. Characters; 1) Capable of reducing in-process material self-heat generation 2) Capable of extending residence time 3) Improved venting function 4) Improved material feeding function 5) Capable of better dispersion 6) Stability of extrusion precision 7) Capable of energy saving 8) Capable of space saving

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About us

Company details

Technovel Corporation was established in 1991 with a philosophy to be a manufacturer who supplies the products with fruitful TECHNOLOGY and NOVEL idea.

Technovel has specialized in the design and manufacture of not only complete pelletizing line but also direct extrusion line of film, tube, profile, and others, using these advanced technologies.
Our high quality products, for many kinds of material not only PP, PE but also super engineering material such as PEEK, PES, PEI, are produced for a wide variety applications; for Nano-Composite, High percentage filler compounding, Recycling, Reactive processing includes de-monomar processing, and Direct extrusion.

Our multi screw extruder and complete extrusion line, produces completely in Japan, are throughly tested in our factory before the shipment to assure quality production and are exported over the world to satisfied customer's demand.

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