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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.08  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.08.002  Heating and cooling technology
  •  Heating and cooling units

Heating and cooling units

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.08  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.08.002  Heating and cooling technology
  •  Water chillers
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.08  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.08.002  Heating and cooling technology
  •  Internal cooling equipment

Internal cooling equipment

Our products

Product category: Heating and cooling units

ER.IC Extruder Film Inflation Cooler

ERACO Film Inflation Cooler ER.IC series are manufactured to precise temperature control on the surface of plastic film extruder. Series are able to cool between 100 kg/h to 450 kg/h production output and increasing the production capacity up to %30. Thanks to microprocessor to control air inlet – outlet temperature and water inlet – outlet temperature; aim to reach high productivity with constant parameters. ERACO Film Inflation Cooler can able to maintain the desired film surface temperature without being bound to the ambient temperature. ERACO Film Inflation Coolers are compact units equipped with eliminator and air filter. Air filter is produced by using Hyper-Fiber technology on two side non-woven fabric filter and PVC eliminator used; therefore filter and eliminator refuse the materials (drops, dust, particles etc )to pass through the process. Easy removal filters are able to clean easily. Unit coils are hydrophilic epoxy coated. In this way; this design avoid the corrosion on the surface of coils due to condensed water on the other hand it helps to swipe the condensed water from the surface of the coils and easily discharge the water from the unit. Advantages;

Improved film quality
Increased productivity up to %30.
Increased transparency and luminosity of the film
Constant high production capacity
Hydrophilic epoxy coated coils

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Product category: Water chillers

ER.FCF Series Flat Type Dry-Coolers

Free Coolers ( Dry Coolers ) are used to cool down the cycling fluid by the ambient air condition. High performance Free Coolers are manufactured with copper tubes and corrugated aluminum fins which improve heat transfer coefficient and they are available for vertical and horizontal airflow. Being manufacturing with 1/2″ or 5/8” copper tubes, Flat type Dry-Coolers are available with a capacity range of 88 kW to 1175 kW; also available to produce in special design and different conditions.

Free Coolers has a suitable structure for parallel connection; thus the cooling plants could be comfortably increased by connecting capacity using with ER.FCF series Free Coolers.

Technical Information

 Flat type design.
 Structures are galvanized steel painted with polyester based electrostatically powder; to avoid corrosion and UV ray effect.
 Each two fans are separated by internal baffle plates from other each chamber to avoid energy loss causing by reverse fan rotation.
 Each fan chamber has own maintenance covers.
 Tested at 20 bar pressure.
 Suitable for outdoor installation; motor protection IP 54.
 Suitable to work up to +60°C ambient temperature.
 Guaranteed to long-lasting life due to high corrosion resistant materials.
 Totally closed loop circuits prevent fouling and calcification.
 Automatic air and water discharge valve ( standard ).
 Microprocessor controls the fan rotation in terms of stepwise control according to the ambient temperature and set water temperature.
 Automatic water mistspraying systems provide adiabatic cooling affect which allows pulverizing the water on to the fresh air before entering to heat exchanger. System decreases the entering air temperature adducted to the wet bulb temperature.
Units are equipped with error codes and visually alarm system leading by microprocessor.

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Product category: Water chillers

DCA – S2 Dual Scroll Compressor Chiller Units

DCA-S2 series are air-cooled package type chiller units; “Desert- Type” unit are members of the two compressors with two independent refrigerant circuit and compact structure. This ultimate series are able to work under high ambient temperature climate up to 60 °C without losing high-efficiency performance, maximum physical strength and low sound level dB(A). Units are equipped with Hermetic Scroll compressors which having a minimum moving part internally, whereby the probability of failure is minimized.

Compressors and circuit elements are working independently which means that capacity is divided into two which leads to less energy consumption. Electrical components, refrigeration components and compressors are all provided twin which gives you more reliable and secure operation. Compressors work according to the heat load. Also you do not need to shut down the unit when there is maintenance. One of the compressors always works even if there is maintenance on the other circuit. All unit components are selected from the well-known and easily accessible brand in world-wide. Therefore, If necessary easy to find spare parts in locally. According to the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols DCA-S2 series are offer DPO=0 (Ozone Destruction Potential=0) R134A refrigerant. DCA-S2 series are used with successfully in all areas of industrial refrigeration, range of cooling capacity between 45,9-169 kW. Easy access to the functional parameters on the 4” color display LCD screen as a standard.

Technical Information

 Dual Hermetic Scroll Compressor
New generation HFC-134A refrigerant according to Kyoto and Montreal Protocol
 Maximum energy saving with microprocessor control
 Thanks to ERACO AirTech condenser design to reduce the air side pressure drop
 Made of high corrosion resistant materials coated condenser
 Low (automatic) and High (manual) pressure presostats
 4” color display LCD screen control panel (Protection Class IP65)
 Internal AISI 316 stainless steel tank
 High capacity and long-lasting centrifugal pump
 High efficiency Shell&Tube type evaporator. (outside the tank)
 Desert type condenser with high capacity axial fan
 Phase control relay
 Pressure transducers for fan regulations
 Thermostatic expansion valve
 Flow switch
 Electrical board includes main switch with door safety interlock, emergency stop and overload protection
Polyester based electrostatically powder painted galvanized steel, which provides excellent UV and corrosion protection, is used for casing
 CE Certificate control panel

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