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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.06  Moulds and dies
  • 03.06.001  Injection and compression moulds

Our products

Product category: Injection and compression moulds

Thin Wall Products

Thin Wall Products

Special knowledge and attention is required in the designing of these types of moulds due to the limited wall thicknesses required with subsequent long flow circuits. This demands mould parts with high degrees of accuracy, limited tolerances, precise surfaces together with specific heat treatments and coatings.

Our experiences here count greatly.

In this respect we too provide mould solutions in terms of all kinds
of product shapes, sizes or multi cavities requirements.

Moulds for thin walled products:
- buckets and lids
- drinking cups
- yogurt cups
- plant pots
- Tree containers
- Battery containers

Important to note:
- Long life with 24/7 production
- short cycle times
- Hardened surfaces
- Use of copper alloys
- open and needle closure hotrunner systems

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Product category: Injection and compression moulds

Watertight Solutions

Watertight Solutions

Watertight solutions are often needed by our customers.
Our main activity since 1981 is the development and production
of High tech injection moulds for sanitary and drinking water
supply and waste water effluent removal systems. Also irrigation,
drainage and storm water management as well as gas/smoke
removal systems.

Mostly the raw materials used in these systems are PVC, PP, PE, PPR, PPSU, ABS and filled synthetic materials.

Our manufactured moulds for above applications are for normal as well as for
low pressure moulding processes. In the latter, additives used with main
materials create foam based structures (Foam plastics)

Advantages of the latter are lower closing pressure use and lower product weight.
These lower pressure moulds are usually made from Aluminium and particularly suited to produce fittings 500 mm + up.

Tooling Holland bv produce fittings from 12-1000 mm diam.

A specially developed method by Tooling Holland is the Collapsible Core (Sliding Segments) Technology to make fitting moulds which form O-ring chambers for placing the sealing-ring in the product. This technology enhances a long life and low maintenance mould. This technique we have mastered and used in 32-500 mm diameter fittings for many years now.

Materials used in the making of our fitting moulds are High-Quality chrome steels (PVC products) and supplied by European material suppliers.

Cores in our moulds are mainly mechanically moved by means of guided rollers in curved plates.
Advantages are:
- no hydraulic connections, eliminates leaking
- no safety switches, reducing faults
- quick adaptions
- fast cycling times by moving cores during opening/closing of injection moulding machines.

The degree of inventiveness is illustrated by the development of the unique 8 cavities bend mould 110x90* (where 3 cavs mould is the industry norm!)

This 8 cavs mould without the use of a
PVC hot runner can be used on the same
injection moulding machines as are usually
used for 3 cavities moulds.
In addition our 64 cavities PP-R 90* Bend
Mould or our 4 cavity PVC Bend 110x90*
mould with folding cores (Sliding Segments)
and a PVC hotrunner have become our trademark!

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Product category: Injection and compression moulds

crates and containers

Top quality moulds to manufacture crates and containers

A crate mould should be seen as more
than a simple mould, a fact we have
learned over many years.

Thus providing us with the necessary
experience in designing these moulds
and the specific uses of copper and brass
alloys in combination with keenly
designed cooling systems to produce
optimal products at fastest cycle times

Keenly worked out uses of isolated inserts
ensure products with straight sides and
smooth bottom parts.

Multipoint hot runners are often used with needle points to obtain well-filled
moulds striving for ever lighter crate moulds.

We will gladly provide you with advice and flow analysis to obtain a well-balanced
mould in terms of hot runner use and final product.
Similarly we will gladly offer advice in terms of product design, providing
information about correct wall thicknesses and other relevant information

We produce crates for a.o.
- Food industries
- Meat Industries (e.g. E1, E2,E3 meat crates)
- Crates for mushrooms and tomatoes
- Postal crates
- Industrial crates and lids (up to 1000x1200 mm)

We would furthermore like to draw your attention to our pallet moulds which often
made from aluminium for use in low pressure moulding processes, for example,
the Euro-pallet moulds and water bottles trays for 5 gallon bottles.

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About us

Company details

For professionally designed injection moulds,
manufactured to the highest standards to
produce high value products with optimal
outputs you cannot do better than contact
Tooling Holland bv with your specific requirements.

Tooling Holland bv are experienced, innovative,
progressive and thoroughly dependable....
these are comments by customers regarding
their mould maker of choice.

Thirty years of experience in producing high-tech
injection moulding tools to the international plastic injection moulding industry have made
Tooling Holland bv into a leading mouldmaker.
In addition the diligence of our staff members has enabled Tooling Holland
to capture and maintain a leading position in their field.

By means of continuous upgrading of and investing in the latest machining technologies combined with on-going training of staff, we are able to offer
you highly accurate tools to guarantee you high yield performances.

To enable clients to become leaders in the industry we work with them to
design optimal performance layouts to combine optimally with your injection
moulding equipment. We regard every project as unique and we thus employ
the latest and best practice techniques.

All moulds, new, repaired or re-engineered are tested at our mould-test
department. We are, furthermore able to assist clients with minor repairs or adjustments
to moulds at their plant to minimise disruptions in production.


.........Your Partner!

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Company data

Sales volume

5 - 20 Mill. US $

Export content

max. 75%

Number of employees

31 - 100



Area of business
  • Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • Services for the plastics and rubber industries
Target groups
  • Plastic product manufacturing
  • Packaging / distribution