ICG Specialty Chemicals B.V.

P.O. Box 14055, 3508 SC Utrecht
Maliestraat 1, 3581SH Utrecht

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.105  Stabilizers


  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.115  UV stabilizer

UV stabilizer

Our products

Product category: UV stabilizer

Polymer Additives


Anti- oxidants - processing & thermal stability - Phenolic Types

Omnistab AN-1010
Omnistab AN-1035
Omnistab AN-1076
Omnistab AN-1098
Omnistab AN-1135
Omnistab AN-1330
Omnistab AN-1790
Omnistab AN-245
Omnistab AN-3114
Omnistab AN-800 (DLTDP)
Omnistab AN-802 (DSTDP)
Omnistab AN 565

Anti- oxidants - processing & thermal stability - Phosphite Types

Omnistab AN-168
Omnistab AN-626
Omnistab AN-1520
Omnistab AN-300
Omnistab AN-612
Omnistab AN-1024
Omnistab AN-1726
Omnistab AN-BHT
Omnistab AN-5057

Anti- oxidants - Blends

Omnistab AN-B215
Omnistab AN-B225
Omnistab AN-B900
Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer


Omnistab LS 123
Omnistab LS 3853
Omnistab LS 292 / LS 765
Omnistab LS 622
Omnistab LS 770
Omnistab LS 944


Omnistab LS 783
Omnistab LS 791

UV Absorber

UVA-Benzotriazole Type

Omnistab P
Omnistab 234
Omnistab 384-2
Omnistab 320
Omnistab 326
Omnistab 327
Omnistab 328
Omnistab 329
Omnistab 1130
Omnistab 360
Omnistab 928
Omnistab 1164
Omnistab 1577
Omnistab 571-1171

UVA - Benzophenone Types

Omnistab BP1
Omnistab BP2
Omnistab BP3
Omnistab BP4
Omnistab BP 6
Omnistab BP12

UVA - Formamidine Types

Omnistab UV-1

UVA - Blends

Omnistab 5151

Nickhel Quencher

Omnistab 1084

Optical Brighteners

Whitening agents- Optical Brighteners

Omnistab OB
Omnistab OB-1
Omnistab OB-357
Omnistab OB- CBS351
Omnistab OB-CXT
Omnistab OB-KP 127
Omnistab OB-KCB
Omnistab OB-KSN
Omnistab OB-CPC

Flame Retardants


Intermediate of HALS products


Non-halogenated Flame- retardant R&D list

Halogen-free flame retardant IFR201-205 series

Aryl polyphosphonates (PAP series)

Liquid crystalline polymer flame retardants (P-LCP)

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About us

Company details

About ICG

ICG Specialty Chemicals is a global supplier of specialty chemicals which add value to the products of our customers. Our Omnistab range of stabilizers and absorbers and Omniflame range of flametardants are mainly used in the plastics-, coatings-, rubber- and adhesives industry to make our customers products more durable, improve performance or create flameretardancy.


To be an intermediary between the customer (demand) and the manufacturers (supply) by acting as an extension of the activities of both through building solid long lasting business relationships. By swift, accurate, proactive and transparent communication to all stakeholders with high quality products, good quality service and technical support is ICG Specialty Chemicals B.V. able to realize this goal.

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