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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.02  Machinery and plant for processing
  • 03.02.005  Machinery for foam and reactive resins
  •  Machinery for processing/post processing of foam and parts

Our products

Product category: Machinery for processing/post processing of foam and parts

EPE & EPP Extrusion line for sheet production

ALEMO extrusion lines for EPE and EPP foam are designed to extrude foam sheets with direct gas injection.

ALEMO extrusion lines for EPE and EPP foam are designed to extrude foam sheets with direct gas injection. For small production capacity, up to 150kg/h real production, ALEMO offers a single screw extruder, 90mm diameter especially designed for thin film production of EPE foam. The design of screw, barrel, die and rest of the downstream is especially developed to optimize the process for low medium and high densities. Process high reliability is achieved by different hardware and software solutions.

For high-output PE foam processing a counter-rotating twin screw foam extruder was developed. It allows melting, mixing, and cooling with minimum shear in material. The extruder’s feed-screw is designed to bring the material to the desired temperature with optimal gradient cool down, which is considered essential in foam extrusion for maximum density reduction.

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Product category: Machinery for processing/post processing of foam and parts

Extrusion lines for pipe/profile production

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Product category: Machinery for processing/post processing of foam and parts

Extrusion line for XPS profiles/cornices

The extrusion line for XPS cornices is designed to produce, through a process of hot extrusion, special extruded polystyrene foam profiles. The compound of the various components is prepared in a mixer and pneumatically transported to a dosing device, which feeds the mixture into the extruder. In the extruder the mixture is heated to the melting temperature of polystyrene. After that, CO2 is added to the melted polymer mixture, which fulfils the function of blowing agent, which is necessary for the production of solid foam.The obtained mixture of polymer and gas is further mixed and cooled by special cooling units, designed to work at high pressures. The mixture is then forced through special dies (matrix) necessary for the formation of the desired profile. This profile is guided through mandrels which give the desired size. During this process the profile is further cooled to maintain the desired shape and dimension. After leaving the mandrel, the profile is drawn by a rubber belt pulling device. Finally the profile is cut by an automatic cutter on the desired length and transported to an area, prepared for the packaging.

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Product category: Machinery for processing/post processing of foam and parts

Plank lamination and Bag-making+cutting machine

ALEMO's converting machines has been designed and developed on our know-how and experience achieved in the packaging sector. The machines are safe and easy to use thanks to specific technical capabilities and high quality equipment integrated inside.

The machine was specifically designed in order to achieve maximum productivity with lowest scrap ratio. The result is machine laminationg five (5) rolls in one step at speeds up to 40m/min.
The machine can laminate input material from 6-25mm thickness; for higher final thickness requirements plank to plank lamination can be performed.

The machine was designed to transform coils of flexible packaging material into various formats and bags to different sizes. Completely automatic control system allows easy use of the machine. One good experienced worker can manage two machines together.
Ropex welding system allows welding constant temperature control. Welding time, bar closer pressure and welding temperature can easily be set on the touchscreen panel which gives perfect control on production process and final product.
The design of the sheet motion control and welding / cutting system is done in a way that produces bags or sheets in precise tolerances, even when cutting more sheets at one time. Acceleration, deceleration and speed of sheet motion can be easily set to work with the parameters that best fit the worked material.
Up to six bags can be produced in one step, using the cut/weld system and slitting knives, punching the bags in-line or even do the pre-cut / tear-off cutting, transversally and longitudinally.

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Product category: Machinery for processing/post processing of foam and parts

Automatic Coreless mini-roll (re) winder

Alemo Coreless (re)winder was designed to transform flexible plastic sheets (like PE foam, its laminates, air bubble film etc.) into small, short rolls wihout inner paper core.

Materials: PE foam rolls, laminated and non-laminated, air-bubble, PP foam, other similar materials

Max. widths: 1.7m

Max. operation speed: 60m/min

Production lenght: up to max. diameter of roll 450 mm

Productivity: 180rolls/h *

* 20 m lenght, EPE foam 2-3 mm, DS18-22 kg/m3

* Depending on material type, thickeness and lenght

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Product category: Machinery for processing/post processing of foam and parts

Automatic sheet winders

Thickness: 0,5 - 20 mm automatic cut and change,
Max. width: 1600 mm, 2000mm or 2500mm
Max. speed of line: more than 170 m/min

- Longitudinal trimming
- Hot-melt gluing of cores
- Flying knife cut
- Automatic unloading of rolls
- Coreless winding

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About us

Company details

Alemo d.o.o. is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing various kinds of plants for foamed materials produced by direct gas injection into the extrusion chamber. Polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS), polymers involved for this application, are mostly used for packaging or insulation purposes. Established in the year 2007 with aim of becoming a market leader, Alemo has already became an undisputed world leader in machinery for thin PE foam production and on the right way to become an absolute world leader also in machinery for EPE thick foam production and other polymers.

The range of products can be divided in four main groups:

1. Equipment for production of EPE and EPP sheets
Extruders of different capacities (from 150kg/h – 700kg/h)
Automatic winders with different max. sheet widths (up to 3000mm) and roll diameter (up to 2m)
In-line lamination units (with LDPE, HDPE or similar films)
Other in-line conversion equipment and auxiliaries

2. Equipment for production of EPE profiles and pipes
Extruders of different capacities
Complete downstreams (cooling sections, haul-offs, cutting...)

3. Equipment for production of XPS cornices
Direct extrusion of production with compact extrusion line
CO2 as blowing agent

4. Equipment for conversion of foamed materials
Plank lamination machines
Bag-making machines
Various cutting machines
Mini-roll, coreless and other rewinders
Special equipment on customer requirements
In-house research and development team, with cooperation with external partners and institutions are constantly looking for solution to make better machinery – increase productivity, achieve higher and more constant quality of the product itself, reduce scrap, make the equipment more operatively friendly and reduce energy consumption.

The choice of installing first class components and using best quality materials is a philosophy allowing obtaining long life time of the equipment and reliability on performances.

Young, dynamic and experienced staff, continuous technological updating, dedication and commitment to results enables Alemo to efficiently, professionally and effectively operate with its high-tech plants all over the world.

Alemo staff

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