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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.08  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.08.001  Surface pretreatment equipment
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.08  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.08.010  Electrostatic systems

Electrostatic systems

Our products

Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment


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Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment

Corona Treatment Systems



Systems with user-friendly sophistication

IEEC Corona Generators are CE Standard Generators engineered with perfection and sophistication. User-friendly and easy-to-operate, these highly efficient generators provide better treatment at lesser power. They are packed with the most advanced features including Latest Mixed Signal Microcontroller Programming, High Frequency which makes it long-lasting and maintenance-free and Frequency Auto-tuning which makes it compatible with any assembly and operable at optimum required power.

Key features include :

·          Latest IGBT Technology and PWM Self Tuning Techniques for efficient output

·          Efficient Modulation and Frequency Circuits

·          MMI (Man-Machine Interface for easy operation)

·          AUTOWATT DENSITY CONTROL(To control power w.r.t speed and display)

  DI  LCD 2 X 16 (For RFG1, RFG2), LCD 4 X 40 (For RFG3, RFG4, RFG5), touchscreen

·          Buzzer Alarm

·          Fault Indication

·          Frequency Auto-Tuning

·          Air Conditioner (Optional)

·          Heavy Duty Plug In/Out Connectors

·          Corrosion Proof Paint

Operable in Control Features/Modes:

·          Auto- Watt Density Control

·          Inch Mode

·          Pulse Block / Zero Speed Trip Mode

·          Easy to Operate Push Buttons for Start/Stop and Power Up/Down options

Safety features:

·          UV/OV Trip

·          IGBT Fail Trip

·          Electronic Overload Trip

·          Assembly Open Trip

·          Negative Pressure Trip

·          Thermal Trip

·          Off-Tune Trip

·          Blower OL Trip

·          Link Voltage Less Trip

Technical Know-How:

·          Input Voltage: 415V AC ± 10%

·          Input Frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz

·          Output Power Range: 0.5 KW to 60 KW

·          Output Frequency: 10 KHz – 50 KHz

·          Output DC Voltage: steady 400V- 600V

Available Models:

·          RFG 1:    0.5KW, 1KW, 1.5KW, 2KW

·          RFG 2:    03KW, 04KW

·          RFG 3:    06KW, 08KW

·          RFG 4:    12KW, 16KW

·          RFG 5:    60KW

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Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment


A highly efficient catalyst to convert Ozone to air

Ozonash is an Ozone destruction unit which converts Ozone into Oxygen. During Corona Treatment, high-concentrated Ozone is produced, which is harmful to the environment and the human operators. Using a highly efficient metal oxide catalyst and pre-filter combination, Ozonash reduces Ozone to air. The construction material is corrosion resistant to ensure longer life of the equipment. Differential pressure gauge is used to monito pressure between filter stages and catalyst reduction stage.

Technical advantages include:

·          Corrosion resistant material for construction

·          Pre-filter: Filter particle   size up to 5 µ to avoid contamination of catalyst

·          HEPA Filter: High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing filter to remove at least 99.97% of dust & others foreign particles up to size of (0.3 µ)        

·          Catalyst Bed: High efficiency metal oxide beds to convert Ozone to oxygen.

Available as: Ozonash 400 up to 400 CFM & Ozonash 1200 up to 1200 CFM

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Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment

Band Transportation Pinning System

Team IEEC, would like to introduce you to the salient features of our Precision Moving Band Pinning System.

 Primary function of our Pinning system:

To produce high quality Bi-axially Oriented Polyester (BoPET), film at the fastest possible chill roll speeds, while maintaining the best possible transparency and other physical attributes.

 High quality film is the result of a perfectly controlled casting process. One of the most critical features of the casting process is an extremely precise and flexible pinning system.

 Most commercially available pinning systems utilize the principle of generating an electrostatic effect to pin the extruded melt film on to the chill roll by causing ionization of air, thus eliminating minimizing air entrapment between film & chill roll.  

  The elimination of air entrapment creates extremely close contact between the melt and the chill roll, resulting in a virtually clear cast film, suitable for subsequent orientation at maximum line speeds.

 Our precision Moving Band Pinning System can be customized to suit Cast Film lines equipped with older methods of pinning, such as wire pinning. We offer a comprehensive replacement / retrofit service for BoPet lines, comprising, Site Evaluation, Fixture Design, Installation and Start up.

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About us

Company details

Established in 1969 in Mumbai, India, Industrial Electronics Equipment Corporation (IEEC) is a leading supplier of Electronic Process Control Equipment, and a pioneering developer of quality Corona & Plasma Treatment systems, Automation Solutions and Moving Band Pinning Systems for BoPET films.


IEEC caters to clients all over the world, providing them with specific solutions and custom developed equipment in the fields of Extrusion, Converting and Surface Pretreatment applications , backed by intensive in house Research & Development, supported by excellent after-sales service.

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