Leonhard Breitenbach GmbH

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Semi-finished products,parts and reinforced plastics
  • 02.05  Products
  • 02.05.076  Rollers and roller coatings

Rollers and roller coatings

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.10  Parts and components
  • 03.10.003  Rolls
  • 04  Services for the plastics and rubber industrie
  • 04.05  Subcontracting


Our products

Product category: Rolls

Mixing rolls

Mixing rolls are required for producing rubber and plastic compounds. Uniform mixing of the material increases its homogeneity.

The more wear resistant the mixing roll and the better its cooling capacity, the more economical the process.

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Product category: Rolls

Calender rolls

Calender rolls are used for producing plastic films and rubber sheeting. Even the smallest defects in the roll surface, e.g. pores or cracks, have to be excluded to ensure the best possible quality of the product.

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Product category: Rolls

Thermo rolls, calender rolls, roll shells

Thermo rolls, calender rolls, roll shells are ground with the highest precision. This allows for the lowest possible thickness tolerances of the paper sheet. Thermal rolls feature lowest possible temperature deviations on the surface.

The more precise the grinding of the body, the higher the quality of the paper sheet.

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Product category: Rolls

Refiner rolls

Refiner rolls are used in chocolate production, among other things. The quality and smoothness of chocolate crucially depends on the precision of the refiner rolls used.

The more wear resistant the rolls and the better their cooling capacity, the higher the economical efficiency of chocolate production.

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Product category: Rolls


Pistons are made from chilled cast iron or forged steel. Applications are, among others, hydraulic presses for metal forming or applications in the wood, plastic and rubber industry.

The pistons are produced individually solid or hollow, according to customer requirements and applications.

„The harder and denser the piston and its surface, the better the function of the press.“

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About us

Company details

Since the foundation of our company in 1866 we have developed into a modern, globally operating company offering a wide range of products and services. In addition to the design, construction, optimisation and refurbishment of rolls for all types of applications, we also offer contract machining services and consultancy in matters around rolls.

Quality from the beginning! This also applies to our materials. We produce chilled cast iron and grey cast iron using the static casting process. Horizontal centrifugal casting is used for smaller rolls. We also manufacture rolls from different forged steels and mild steels.

With our highly qualified employees and state-of-the-art CNC machinery equipment, we manufacture and machine products that meet the highest requirements for surface quality as well as for form and dimensional accuracy.

The following pages present a selection of different rolls with common dimensions, materials and versions. Of course we also offer all types of special solutions.


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