Roblon A/S

P.O. Box 120, 9900 Frederikshavn
Nordhavnsvej 1, 9900 Frederikshavn
Telephone +45 96203300
Fax +45 98467820


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.02  Machinery and plant for processing
  • 03.02.005  Machinery for foam and reactive resins
  •  Filament winding machines
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.03  Post processing machines and downstream equipment
  • 03.03.005  Winding equipment

Winding equipment

Our products

Product category: Filament winding machines

WAU300M Rewinder

Roblon WAU300M automatic rewinder

For tubeless winding of tape and twine

High, uniform package quality

High efficiency


Man hour saving


Key features:

. Easy, touch-screen change of production parameters

. Individual settings for each winding head

. Pneumatic feeding for easy threading

. Doffing time max. 15 seconds

. Excellent package quality

. East lay change

. Easy change of traverse length

. Compact, simple, robust design

. Cutting-edge technology

. Highly reliable

. Easy to maintain

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Product category: Filament winding machines

WCA800ED Take-up winder

The Roblon WCA800ED heavy-duty take-up winder

For precision winding of extruded monofilaments

High-quality packages of up to 115 kg

Long life

Low maintenance

Minimum down time


Key features:

. One-stop operator panel for changing number of winds yarn lay, bail pressure and winding tension

. Winding parameter programmable to change while running

. Choose constant or gradual decreasing winding tension during package build-up

. Excellent package quality

. Electronic setting of winding parameters

. Take-up spindle and traverse unit synchronized by two motors

. Easy to change traverse width

. Compact, simple and robust design

. Cutting-ege technology

. Highly reliable

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Product category: Winding equipment

WTU500M Take-up Winder

The Roblon WTU500M heavy-duty take-up winder

For precision winding of extruded tape

High-quality packages of up to 55 kg

Innovative technology

Constant winding tension

Key features

. Excellent package quality
. Easy change of take-up spindle
. Easy lay change
. Easy change of traverse length
. Easy maintenance
. Compact, simple robust design
. Highly realiable

. Easy to maintain

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About us

Company details

Roblon A/S is an internationally-orientated company which aspires to be regarded locally, nationally and globally as very reputable, sound and progressive.

Credibility and honesty come before short-term profits.
With the focus on organic growth, product and market development is given a high priority. Roblon A/S continually explores the opportunities for new acquisitions, strategic cooperation or licence rights within its business areas.
Roblon A/S comprises three independent divisions, each of which is renowned within its business niche on the global market. Each division has a wide product range and is known for quality, flexibility, documentation and rapid follow-up.
In 1978, Roblon Engineering Division, being the Roblon division exhibiting at the K Fair, was established.

Approx. 94% of Roblon´s turnover derives from exports.
Roblon A/S is listed on OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen A/S.

Since 1978 Roblon Engineering Division has developed an extensive product programme consisting of equipment and accessories for the production of twine, rope and cable, among others.

Rope-making machines

Today, Roblon Engineering Divison is recognized worldwide for reliability, high quality, and an execellent service level, which combined with the versatility of Roblon equipment, has placed Roblon as the leading manufacturer of equipment for the twine and rope industry as well as the cable industry.



Activities today

Roblon A/S is characterised by a strong pioneering spirit and a determination to break new ground - innovative ideas are to be tried out and their viability tested. The willingness to make calculated risks and the open attitude to new approaches still typify Roblon's management and staff. Roblon continuously develops new products within the company's fields of competence - always alert to new needs which may arise in both existing and new business areas. As a rule, product development takes place in close cooperation with customers and partners.


In order to place Roblon A/S as a joint company the structure of the organisation was changed. From consisting of three divisions (Lighting Division, Engineering Division, and Industrial Fiber Division) Roblon now acts as one company. A global business development function has been set up, while the common functions R&D, purchase, and production are supporting business development, whereas sale is managed for each product group separately.


Roblon A/S moved to a newly built factory and headquarter in Frederikshavn. The new factory, which in future will be the main address of Roblon A/S, was primarily built for the former Roblon Fiber Optics (today Roblon Lighting). Besides Roblon Fiber Optics, the administration will also contain Roblon´s joint management, finance and EDP as well as the sales organizations.


In order to secure a continuous good and positive development within all product areas the yacht lines product area was divested, since there was no growth potential for this product area under Roblon's control.


Roblon acquired an existing company specialised in fibre optic lighting. Today this field of competence forms part of the Roblon Group under the name of Roblon Fiber Optics (today Roblon Lighting).


Following a period of substantial expansion, Roblon A/S was listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.


In Saeby, a new factory was built to develop, manufacture, and sell machinery for the production of ropes and cordage. Roblon Engineering was born.


A new plant was inaugurated and new business areas were established; Extrusion of man-made fibres and later on production of ropes and cordage.


A new 200 sq.m. factory was built in Frederikshavn for industrial production of braided nylon lines. 1962 Roblon expanded and changed from a proprietary company to a limited liability company.


The foundations of Roblon were laid when the production of cod ends for the fishing industry started in the northern part of Denmark. The net bags were made of nylon parachute lines from the English and American army surplus stocks.

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