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Services for the plastics and rubber industrie

A good 200 exhibitors such as Carl Hanser Verlag or the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft will present their services at K 2022. Because a forward-looking plastics industry cannot function without research, science and consulting. New materials, machines and technologies are based on their findings.

Exhibitors from the following sectors will be represented at K 2022

  • IT services,
  • technical literature,
  • leasing,
  • science and consulting
... and more.

Current developments and trend topics in the field of "Services for the plastics and rubber industry".

The Circular Economy is the biggest field of action for the plastics and rubber industry. Without plastics, it will not be possible to treat the world's climate with care. At K 2022, scientists will share their findings and discuss

Digitalisation is an indispensable factor for transparency and resource efficiency in the plastics and rubber industry. The current trend topic is the OPC UA (Open Platform Communications United Architecture) standard. In line with this, you will find IT services, technical literature and advice at K 2022 to make your machines fit for the digital networking of the future.

Plastics enable lightweight construction, electromobility and the use of wind and solar energy - and thus contribute to climate protection. They are absolutely crucial for the goal of CO2 reduction. Find advice at K 2022 on how you can reduce emissions in your company and in your production.

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