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Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries

Machines and equipment for the plastics and rubber industry are eagerly awaited again this year. Almost 1,800 international exhibitors will be showing their latest products in this field at K 2022 - including, of course, well-known manufacturers such as Reifenhäuser, Arburg, ENGEL and KraussMaffei once again.

Exhibitors from the following sectors will be represented at K 2022...

  • Machines and equipment for processing and recycling,
  • Processing and downstream machinery,
  • machines and equipment for finishing, decorating, printing and marking,
  • welding machines,
  • process automation,
  • peripheral equipment
... and more.

Developments and trends 2022 for plastics and rubber processing

Without plastics, it will not be possible to treat the world's climate with care. In this context, the Circular Economy is existential. It is the biggest field of action for the plastics and rubber industry. A functioning circular economy is only possible with good machines for processing and recycling. You will find these at K 2022.

Digitalisation is an indispensable enabler in terms of transparency and resource efficiency. For the manufacturing industry with its large-scale production systems, digital networking has been common practice for some time. The current trend topic is the OPC UA (Open Platform Communications United Architecture) standard, which considerably simplifies the integration of machines from different manufacturers into a common system.At K 2022, around 40 exhibitors with over 60 machines will demonstrate the great potential of platform-independent and cross-manufacturer machine-to-machine communication.

You will also find the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and apps on the subject of digitalisation at K 2022.

Plastics contribute to climate protection because they enable lightweight construction, electromobility and the use of wind and solar energy. They are absolutely crucial for the goal of CO2 reduction. At K 2022, you will not only find advice, but also the corresponding components and technologies around the emission reduction of your company.

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