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Equipment for injecting foaming agents into the melt

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  • Fluitec mixing + reaction solutions AG

    Neftenbach, Switzerland
    It was back in 1993 when Fluitec launched its first static mixers in the market back. Today, Fluitec is a reliable partner for high quality products whose know-how spans a wide range of mixing, heat
  • Promix Solutions AG

    Winterthur, Switzerland
    Promix Solutions supplies key components and process engineering solutions for MIXING. FOAMING. COOLING. in the plastics industry. Process engineering and innovation are our passion. We support you
    Promix Solutions AG
  • Trexel GmbH

    Tellig, Germany
    Trexel’s microcellular foaming technologies enable lighter, more dimensionally stable parts to be produced faster on smaller, more energy-efficient equipment.     Since 1995, we