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  • Bonfanti S.r.l.

    Ambivere (BG), Italy
    BONFANTI boasts a proven experience in the development of specific solutions for material handling and production logistic. The company staff aim is to plan the most effective strategies to
    Bonfanti S.r.l.
  • Gruniverpal S.R.L.

    Piasco (CN), Italy
    RESEARCH, INNOVATION, QUALITY. In a word GT cranes. 1954: Antonio and Jacques Tranchero founded the company that specializes in the production of electro-hydraulic lifting equipment for workshops and
  • Premium Exhibitor

    Langzauner GmbH

    Lambrechten, Austria
    PERFECTION.. is an inner attitude. Not since yesterday, since 1924 we have been developing, producing and perfecting precision machines as a family-run company. What started in woodworking, we have
    Langzauner GmbH