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Raw materials, auxiliaries

The basis of an optimal end product is the initial situation - excellent results are only achieved with the best possible raw and auxiliary materials. The overall result depends on the plastics used. K is the meeting place to gather information about raw materials and auxiliaries, experience live product examples and connect with manufacturing companies. More than 850 exhibitors will present their raw materials and auxiliaries at K 2022.

At K 2022, exhibitors from the fields of ...

  • Thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers,
  • resins and compounds,
  • foams and precursors,
  • recycled materials,
  • rubbers,
  • Synthetic fibres,
  • adhesives and glues,
  • additives,
  • Reinforcing fibres and materials,
  • polymerisation auxiliaries
... and more.

Current developments and trends 2022 - raw materials and auxiliaries for plastics production

There is no life without plastics. Plastics are used in almost all areas of life and cannot be easily replaced. But the way we deal with them must change. The Circular Economy shows how this can work: more and more plastics are kept in circulation for longer and find a second life as recycled raw or auxiliary materials.

Simply reusing old materials is not enough to protect the climate. New approaches must also be found and innovative materials developed. These can replace conventional raw materials and have advantages over them. Whether they are characterised by their improved material properties or are more versatile than their predecessors - climate protection only succeeds with innovations.

In the search for the right raw material, climate protection and the circular economy are united under the umbrella of digitalisation. When replacing a fossil raw material with a new plastic, a large number of parameters have to be taken into account. Artificial intelligence and innovative tools help with the question of which sustainable raw or auxiliary material can replace the previous one.

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