Turning a problem into a solution: Wasser 3.0 studies ways to remove microplastics from water without a filter

Interview with Dr. Katrin Schuhen, inventor, founder, and CEO of Wasser 3.0

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Image:Basin of a sewage treatment plant; Copyright: PantherMedia / mproduction

Source: PantherMedia / mproduction


Image: Woman with short hair and blue shirt - Dr. Katrin Schuhen; Copyright: Wasser 3.0

Dr. Katrin Schuhen; Source: Wasser 3.0

Image: white lumps in a sieve; Copyright: Wasser 3.0

The agglomerates can be easily removed with a sieve. Source: Wasser 3.0

Image: a man and a woman stand bent over a silver container; Copyright: Wasser 3.0

Source: Wasser 3.0

Kyra Molinari (Editorial team K-MAG)

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