Chemical recycling: a future without landfill thanks to the gasification of plastic waste?

Interview with Sergey Likharev, Founder & CEO, Waste-to-En

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Image: three men at a gasification plant; Copyright: Waste-to-En

The gasification technology from Waste-to-En efficiently converts waste into valuable resources. Copyright: Waste-to-En


Image: Sergey Likharev; Copyright: private

Sergey Likharev. Copyright: private

Image: Rendering of a gasification plant; Copyright: Waste-to-En

Waste-to-En offers a gasification technology that can be designed to be small, compact and cost-effective. Copyright: Waste-to-En

Graphic: Illustration of Waste-to-En's gasification technology; Copyright: Waste-to-En

Gasification converts (plastic) waste into synthesis gas, which in turn can be used to create a wide variety of new products. Copyright: Waste-to-En

Elena Blume (Editorial team K-Mag)

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