Textile-to-textile recycling: BASF and Inditex promote sustainable fashion with loopamid®

Image: blue loopamid yarn on bobbins; Copyright:

With loopamid, BASF and Inditex offer a sustainable solution for the reuse of polyamide 6 from textile waste. Copyright:


An application example: Zara jacket made from 100% loopamid

Image: Zara jacket made of loopamid; Copyright: Inditex

The Zara jacket is made of 100% loopamid. Copyright: Inditex

Goals for the future

Image: Model wearing a sporty jacket made from BASF's recycled material loopamid; Copyright: Inditex

Inditex plans to manufacture all its textile products from materials with a lower environmental footprint by 2030. Copyright: Inditex


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