Plastics in the playroom: sustainable playtime

Industry focusses on recycling and sustainable materials for toys

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Image: Colourful plastic toys in the children's room; Copyright: shangarey -

Plastics are not only versatile and durable – they also make it possible to produce toys in vibrant colours and complex, child-friendly shapes. Copyright: shangarey -


Plastic toys: versatile, safe, durable

Image: Transparent box with colourful Lego; Copyright: Eugenia -

It's hard to imagine a playroom without plastic toys. Copyright: Eugenia -

Sustainability through innovation: industry endeavours

Image: blue recyclate; Copyright: digitalstock - adobe.stock

The industry is endeavouring to make plastic toys as sustainable as possible, e.g. by using biodegradable or recycled materials. Copyright: digitalstock - adobe.stock

Recycling of plastic toys – HolyPoly

Image: Man sorting old plastic toys; Copyright: HolyPoly

The start-up HolyPoly specialises in the recycling of plastic toys. Copyright: HolyPoly

Use of sustainable materials – Schleich

Image: Animal figure and plastic pellets; Copyright: Schleich

Toy manufacturer Schleich is pursuing the goal of making all its toy figures recyclable by the end of 2027. Copyright: Schleich

Plastics in the playroom: a win-win for future generations

Image: Beaming child over Lego bricks; Copyright: scaliger -

Plastic toys are an asset for future generations. Copyright: scaliger -

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