Image: Close-up of an old plastic tool housing part; Copyright: HolyPoly

Closed-Loop Factory: from waste acceptance to product manufacture


Recycling begins even before disposal. The entire life cycle of a product should be considered as early as the development stage. The start-up HolyPoly supports brand manufacturers throughout the entire recycling process. Their mission: to make plastics recycling a matter of course. To meet the growing demands, they recently opened the Closed-Loop Factory.
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Image: Reusable container from MealGood with mashed potatoes and meatballs inside; Copyright: Stephan Floss

Circular Economy in the canteen: Start-up develops reusable containers for the catering industry


We all know the image: urban rubbish bins overflowing with disposable packaging. The Corona pandemic has made this problem more visible. The start-up MealGood has made it its mission to counter the throwaway mentality by developing bio-based reusable containers for the catering industry.
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Image: Detail of the upper body of a person carrying takeaway food and coffee in paper packaging; Copyright: maxbelchenko

BASF celebrates 25th birthday of ecoflex®, the world's first PBAT biopolymer


BASF SE celebrates the 25th anniversary of ecoflex®, the world's first PBAT biopolymer. Innovative biopolymers based on ecoflex® have been helping to solve numerous challenges in the plastics market since it came on the market. ecoflex® has also created new recycling opportunities for plastics and enables organic recycling.
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Image: Person holding a toy bear figure by Schleich in one hand and a bottle with brown plastic granulate in the other; Copyright: Schleich

From the children's room to a Circular Economy: Sustainable materials for the toys of the future


Children can best bring their fantasy world to life with toy figures. Although the miniatures have already been passed down from generation to generation, Schleich is now saying "There's more!" and opting for a green transformation. A key challenge: to balance durability and environmental friendliness without compromising on quality.
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Image: slightly blurred shot of an aisle with shelves in an empty grocery store; Copyright: YuriArcursPeopleimages

BASF publishes Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study on polyamides from chemically recycled or renewable raw materials in mozzarella packaging


BASF has published a life cycle assessment study on the environmental impact of mozzarella packaging that examines different sustainable raw materials for food-grade plastics. Flexible multilayer packaging with recycled or renewable raw materials has a significantly lower environmental impact compared to packaging made from fossil raw materials.
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Image: various plastic packaging; Copyright: FabrikaPhoto

Yogurt cup becomes yogurt cup: Design for Recycling as the key to a Circular Economy


The need to recycle plastic packaging is at the heart of current environmental efforts. This is not just about recycling, but about a genuine circular economy. Monomaterial packaging and smart design decisions play a crucial role here. Greiner Packaging demonstrates how this can look in practice.
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