From the children's room to a Circular Economy: Sustainable materials for the toys of the future

Interview with Philipp Hummel, Head of Sustainability, Schleich

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Image: Person holding a toy bear figure by Schleich in one hand and a bottle with brown plastic granulate in the other; Copyright: Schleich

Copyright: Schleich


Image: Philipp Hummel; Copyright: Schleich

Philipp Hummel. Copyright: Schleich

Image: person clamps an unpainted Schleich figure; Copyright: Schleich

Various teams at Schleich are involved in the search for the perfect material to meet sustainability goals. Copyright: Schleich

Image: Person painting a Schleich horse figure with an airbrush tool; Copyright: Schleich

Not only the plastic material, but also the paints for the figures play a major role in sustainability. Copyright: Schleich

Image: Three Schleich lionesses on a table. Next to them plastic granules and tools for painting; Copyright: Schleich

The authentic Schleich feeling remains the same for the children – the most important critics. Copyright: Schleich

Nastassja Lotz (Editorial team K-MAG)

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