Image: Plastic pipes; Copyright: maxxyustas

Plastic tubes and pipes: heroes of sustainable infrastructure


Plastic tubes and pipes are essential for modern infrastructures – from safe water supply to innovative energy solutions. Their versatility, durability and ability to be integrated into circular economy concepts make them a key player in the discussion about sustainable materials. With this in mind, Tube 2024 is establishing a new area, the Plastic Tubes & Pipes Area.
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Photo: Construction work on the site of a high-rise residential building; Copyright: myjuly

KORE Low Carbon EPS insulation using Neopor® BMB by BASF selected for major housing project of Braidwater


KORE Insulation has introduced an environmentally friendly EPS insulation with a reduced carbon footprint to be used in a major housing development in Ballyclare, Northern Ireland. The decision to use KORE's Low Carbon EPS was made by the Braidwater Group. KORE Low Carbon is made from Neopor® BMB by BASF.
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Image: Aquadom; Copyright: Gabrielle -

Acrylic glass under the magnifying glass: investigating the causes after the Aquadom burst


Why? This question was asked by the public, media and experts a year ago. On 16 December 2022 in the early hours of the morning, the Aquadom, the world's largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium, which had previously been located in the Radisson Hotel in Berlin, burst. Prof Dr Christian Bonten, Head of the Institute of Plastics Technology (IKT), was called in as an expert to determine the cause.
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Image: Close-up of the exterior of the Texoversum at Reutlingen University; Copyright: FibR GmbH

Innovative fiber technology could revolutionize building construction


Reutlingen University has opened the unique Texoversum, an innovative center for the textile industry with a groundbreaking fiber-wrapped façade. The novel technology could revolutionize construction by creating lightweight, resilient structures and saving resources.
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Building and construction sector: An industry relies on plastics


Polymers are as diverse as their chemical composition. Plastics come in hard, soft, flexible, brittle, opaque, transparent - just as required. They impress with their durability, cost-effectiveness, impermeability to water, high formability, corrosion resistance and low weight. This makes them the ideal building material - and an environmentally friendly alternative to other materials.
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What recycled plastic can do: Blocks made from biocomposites for the "Classrooms of Hope" in Indonesia


There is much discussion these days about the circular economy, and the means for incorporating plastics into this model. Recycling a used plastic bottle back into a clean, new bottle has some obvious environmental advantages. But a much more impactful model, in many cases, would involve turning tons of discarded plastics into products with a very long lifespan.
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