Lightweight construction: customised thermoplastic fibre composite profiles enable more sustainable flying

Interview with Dr Christian Garthaus, Managing Partner, herone GmbH

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Image: Illustration showing various products made of fibre composites; Copyright: herone GmbH

The start-up herone produces ultra-light thermoplastic composite profiles. Copyright: herone GmbH


Image: Daniel Barfuß, Alexander Rohkamm und Dr. Christian Garthaus; Copyright: herone GmbH

The founding team from left: Daniel Barfuß, Alexander Rohkamm, Dr Christian Garthaus. Copyright: herone GmbH

Image: product classes; Copyright: herone GmbH

herone develops lightweight solutions for the transmission of loads, movements and fluids in various industries. Copyright: herone GmbH

Elena Blume (Editorial team K-MAG)

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