A digital product passport for more sustainability

Interview with Huafeng Zhao, Strategic Product Marketing Manager – Recycling Solutions, Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH

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Image: drinking bottles with QR code on the lid; Copyright: twenty20photos

Copyright: twenty20photos


Image: Huafeng Zhao; Copyright: private

Huafeng Zhao. Copyright: private

Image: R-Cycle logo; Copyright: R-Cycle

The R-Cycle Community's goal is to find a cross-industry solution to achieve a zero-waste closed loop recycling system for plastics. Copyright: R-Cycle

Image: QR code with the text underneath: Scan the can!; Copyright: twenty20photos

A digital product passport such as a QR code on bottles or cans could contribute to more efficient recycling of plastics. Copyright: twenty20photos

Elena Blume (Editorial team K-MAG)

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