Bayreuth researcher develops high-performance digital system for tailoring polymers

Image: Hands holding purple biodegradable plastic polymer granules; Copyright: ArseniiPalivoda

Copyright: ArseniiPalivoda


From polymer language to digital "fingerprints"

Photo: Prof. Dr. Christopher Kuenneth is wearing a white shirt. In the background is a statue of Einstein and a computer shows the atomistic structure of a polymer; Copyright: UBT / Chr. Wißler

Prof. Dr. Christopher Kuenneth, University of Bayreuth. The screen shows the atomistic structure of a polymer with carbon atoms (gray spheres) and hydrogen atoms (white spheres). In the background, an Albert Einstein statue by Ottmar Hörl. Source: UBT / Chr. Wißler

Rapid and precise prediction of polymer properties

Past study identifies bioplastics

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