Performance meets circularity: fibre-reinforced plastics become recyclable

Interview with Prof. Dr. Silke Rathgeber, Head of the Department of Physics, Institute for Integrated Natural Sciences of the Department of Mathematics / Natural Sciences, University of Koblenz

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Image: Close-up of a plastic fibre-reinforced profile; Copyright: A+ Composites

Section of a plastic fibre-reinforced profile from Hahn Kunststoffe GmbH. Copyright: A+ Composites


Image: Prof. Dr. Silke Rathgeber; Copyright: private

Prof. Dr. Silke Rathgeber. Copyright: private

Image: Fibre-reinforced container ring from Infinex Holding; Copyright: A+ Composites

A fibre-reinforced container ring from Infinex Holding GmbH. Copyright: A+ Composites

Image: Detail of a glass fibre reinforced underbody structure from Röchling Automotive; Copyright: A+ Composites

Detail of a glass fibre reinforced underbody structure of Röchling Automotive SE & Co KG. Copyright: A+ Composites

Elena Blume (Editorial team K-MAG)

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