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Wild plastic from the environment

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Image: Children in Africa collecting plastic waste; Copyright: envato

The littering of the oceans and large areas of land, especially in poorer countries, is unfortunately a sad fact. Collecting this "wild" plastic can help to reduce the amount of waste a little. Copyright: envato


Image: Smiling man with folded arms in a light-colored hoodie - Christian Sigmund; Copyright: Anna Ziegler

Christian Sigmund. Copyright: Anna Ziegler

Development and collaboration challenges for the perfect packaging

Image: a purple plastic bag made of wild plastic on a purple background; Copyright: Bernd Westphal

A recycled plastic bag in leopard design. Copyright: Bernd Westphal

Great environmental benefits through recycled packaging

Image: several hands on top of each other, office supplies can be seen in the background; Copyright: envato

Copyright: envato

Global sustainability movement: achieving goals together with strong partners

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