Recycling programme for engineering plastics

Image: A plastic energy chain; Copyright: igus GmbH

Energy chains often end up as industrial waste at the end of their service lives. The Chainge recycling initiative keeps the recyclable material within the circular flow.
Copyright: igus GmbH


Digital Marketplace for recyclates

Photo: A montage of images showing a plastic energy chain, the Chainge online platform and the plastic granules; Copyright: igus GmbH

The igus recycling platform is also a digital marketplace for recycled materials.
Copyright: igus GmbH

igus cooperating with start-up cirplus

Photo: Two men in front of a screen displaying the symbol for the circular flow economy; Copyright: igus GmbH

Setting a joint course for the next level of digital trading with recycled materials produced using engineering and standard plastics: Michael Blass, CEO for energy-chain systems at igus GmbH (left) and Christian Schiller (right), CEO at cirplus. Copyright: igus GmbH

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